Roon occasionally hangs, won't restart when I come back

I play an album, pause, come back, hit play and no sound. User interface shows everything correct, status shifts to play, but time doesn’t advance.
102, iPad 99, USB out to Meridian 818 the first time it happened, Geek Pulse the second time, different iPads. Nothing I tried helped, rebooted the NUC.

Windows 10 on the NUC?


Funny, just before this happened I had marveled at the various problems people have, I never have any problems, Roon is solid as a Swiss watch.

@mike, take note. This sounds like Carl’s issue.

The “requires a reboot to fix” part of this sounds familiar from other reports. It appears Windows 10 specific. We don’t have a good handle on it yet. A few of us switched our primary installs over to 10 a few weeks ago to try to reproduce, but it hasn’t happened in front of us yet.

We do know of a bad interaction with Intel’s graphics drivers on Windows 10–it’s remedied by upgrading to the latest version from Intel. I don’t have any reason to believe that this is or isn’t your issue, but it probably doesn’t hurt to check.

I had marveled at the various problems people have, I never have any problems, Roon is solid as a Swiss watch.

I think there is some luck/coincidence involved here.

You and I have extremely similar setups, and problems that happen to me first don’t get released to the public.

We both have Roon Core running on Windows. Meridian 8x8 + LH Labs USB products (they are better than average at writing Windows drivers). Media on local disk, not a NAS. Medium sized collection (closer to 3,000 albums than 300 or 30,000).

You believe in automatic-but-slightly-sloppy over manual-and-perfect, which leads to a more patient/tolerant attitude towards metadata related issues. Not to mention, our metadata handling has endured years of accidental optimization for the type of music you listen to because my library has long been the guinea pig.

You avoid messy 3rd party integrations like HQPlayer, Squeezebox, our reverse-engineered-AirPlay implementation, misbehaving ASIO drivers, virtual sound cards that do DSP…each one a requirement to sell to some people, but not necessarily part of the cleanest or most reliable experience.

You’re good. If this software gig doesn’t work out, you could always be a shrink.

Exactly right.
Only note that the Intel graphics drivers are installed and running, but not normally active, the NUC is headless and I only rarely RDP into it.

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One other comment: I reboot Windows rather than restarting Roon Server just because it is simple, I press the power button instead of RDP. Next time I’ll try cycling Roon.

Go ahead and use an old support ID next time it happens, immediately after you reboot/restart – maybe we find something useful. Just PM myself and @vova after and let us know which ID you used.


Any more issues here @AndersVinberg? We’re still looking into this, but it’s totally stable for all of us :frowning:

Has not happened again. Twice only.