Roon on Bose Companion 5

Hello, I’ve noticed a couple of older threads that others were mentioning that roon wouldn’t play on their bose companion 5 speakers (usb connection to PC). I just joined up and have found that to be true for me. I didn’t notice any apparent resolution to the issue in either of the older threads so before I spend more time troubleshooting (actually I have already spent quite a bit of time on it), I’d just like to know if the problem still exists or not…kindly advise. I can send all the other support materials suggested, but thought I’d just ask the simple question first.

We’ve never had access to these products in-house to test, so it’s hard to be sure either way.

I believe the issue with them was that they only supported the 48kHz sample rate. And we added support for X->48kHz resampling shortly after 1.2 came out–so that should have resolved it.

If it’s still broken for you, it might be worth having @support look at your logs (RAATServer logs please, @support). Maybe with a little bit of back and forth we can figure it out.

I got my Bose Companion 5 working with Roon on Windows.

None of the Roon app settings worked but I was able to use ASIO4ALL as a proxy. You setup Roon to use ASIO4ALL and then ASIO4ALL to output to Bose USB.

Roon -> ASIO4ALL -> Bose USB.

Thanks for that suggestion Chris and so far it has been working for me too!