Roon on Catalina with external drives

Core Mac Mini 2,6 GHz dual core(Catalina OS 10.15nfo/Roon 1.6 build 416 )

External hard drives no longer work. Error message, see photos.

Even gave full disk access to Room. Room does not show up in security under files and folders (like JRiver and Plex).

Can’t play music library that is on external hard drives connected with USB.

Audio Devices (USB connection to PS Audio direct stream DAC)

There are about 10 threads on this topic.

Known error. Roon is working on it. If you can move your music files to an internal drive, it will work. Lots of people in the same boat, including myself.

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Hi @Rob_Forst,

As others have mentioned, we are aware of this issue and currently working towards a fix, but I can’t comment on a timeline on when this fix will be released. I appreciate your patience while we address this!

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Still pretty sad that betas have been available for months and this comes up AFTER release. It’s a pretty dark stain on Roon’s QA. We’re talking about nothing working. The app is useless, especially if you’re running an SSD Mac of smaller capacity with no way to get your music to an internal drive.

Thank you for acknowledging the issue. Would appreciate some idea of prioritization of this issue and expectation of timing to fix (another day, week, month, year)?

Just enable SMB File Sharing on your Core and point to your USB music folders this way rather than directly.

Would you mind posting more detailed instructions and/or screenshots? I tried to find what you’re suggesting and I’m not sure I did it right because it’s not working

Hi @Rob_Forst,

This issue is at the top of our priority list. I can’t comment on a timeline, but we are working on it and as soon as the new build passes all the required checks by QA, we will make an announcement + release.


Fix is out.