Roon on iBasso DX160 won't play

I just got this DAP and it’s not playing well with Roon at all. Latest Android version of the app. It can’t play any media and comes up with your media is loading slow and then stops, sometimes it will play for a few seconds and then stop and during this time the display does not update.

I can stream locally same files via UPnP fine, hires from Qobuz fine. Anything from Roon no chance.

@support can you check logs to see what’s happening for my dx160 zone please. It does look like a network issue but why would it work for other apps and the same files over same network, my core is fine as Roons working fine to my Android phone which is on same network. It could be the unit is chocking on its CPU? Need to know as I have bought this to run Roon as well as be portable player if it can’t hack it it will have to go.

logs here!AgHQUEVFVR_nz5F0lfZfh_AuW9fbXg?e=2pxQgj

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

Can I please request that you send an archive of the RAATServer folder as well?

@noris Logs for RAAT Server!AgHQUEVFVR_nz5VQlaD3t5SW7jCt9Q?e=eC1ang

@noris you can stand down on this. I’ve decided to return it and get my money back. It has a number of other limitations other than Roon.

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