ROON on intel nuc with j4005

Hi all
I try search but it did’n come up with anything.

I’m new to roon…well far away from it as I still can’t figure out can I use Intel NUC BOXNUC7CJYHN2 with Celeron J4005 with ROON ?

So, does anyone use ROON with intel nuc based on J4005 ?

Will it do the trick?


Roon will work. It won’t be optimal but it will work. If you want to use ROCK you need to get the NUC into legacy bios mode. Not all NUCs still allow this.

I have the J5005 (PJYH - 8GB RAM) quad core and it runs Roon just fine. When I was researching NUCs, I was looking into the NUC8s as well as J4005 and J5005. Ultimately went with the quad J5005 over the dual core J4005. Although, the J4005 should also be able to run it without issues based on reading around back then.

The pricing and availability on those NUCs were already weird back 2 years ago when I got them. Now it’s even more of a mess.

I use a NUC with Celeron J4005 and I am happy with the system. OS is Ubuntu.

Thank you all for replay ;)…

Really going to depend how big your library is and if you plan to do any DSP functions. This is where the CPU will limit your options. Also multiple streaming to more than one zone/endpoint.

I just buy one (j4005) used, with 120gb and 4gb of ram.

I still don’t get how this roon rock is working, is it free or do I have to buy some licence…

But will figure it out…i hope :wink:

I just need it as a player, no need for DSP or anything and I don’t have big library.

But then again I’m not totally shure if it’s right choice for me as I listen a lot of bbc radio one podcasts/recorded shows and as I understand roon rock is just a player without option to use it as web browser.

Right now I’m on rPi and volumio but it’s not a right choice for me too…

The plan was to buy nuc and use win 10 for playing audio files with option to play web radio station via web browsers.

But…will see…

Right now I’m totally lost :smile:

Have to figure out some stuff

ROCK is free you can find info in the help area