Roon on iPhone7 is not detecting Oppo HA-2SE DAC [Answered]

Roon on my iPhone 7+ is not seeing a connected Oppo HA-2SE DAC!

I have no problems with Neutron and KaiserTone players on my Phone.

Any suggestions?


To my understanding Roon will not output under iOS devices.

I see, maybe in the future!

Thanks for your response anyways,

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In the future perhaps yes. You can use your ha-2 on a pc/mac as your output device connected via the USB b port if your mac or pc is running roon server or bridge if it’s not the core machine

Yes, I am using my Laptop and another PC for listening with Roon.
The Oppo driver seems not very reliable in W10 on my laptop, so I had some troubles there. The Ha2 is not always recognized.
With Asio4all, it works a little better.