Roon on Mac loses audio devices upon reboot


Roon Core Machine

2019 MBP 16GB RAM
Tried on two of them.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

1GB wired ethernet

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Every time I reboot MBP (and I’ve tried on two of them.), the local audio device is no longer in the audio zone.
You go to Settings, enable it, and bingo. The zone name gets restored.
Icon does as well, but DSD playback (PCM vs DoP) and Volume type (Device/Fixed/DSP) gets lost.
Tried static IP, watched the IP my MBP gets even when on DHCP.
In both cases router provides a consistent IP.
Did try to remove all traces of Raat/Roon in $HOME/Library.
as in find . -iname "*roon*" (and raat), and removing everything found.
Nothing helps.
Started to happen after recent update.

This is REALLY annoying!

Many thanks in advance,

A few things I do when Roon is not working well. First I run First Aid in the Disk Utility folder. If that doesn’t help I will uninstall and reinstall Roon. Let us know how its going.


First, couple of clarifications:

  1. The Roon Core is ROCK
  2. Mac runs Roon as UI and endpoint

The un-installations happened on the Mac side.
I don’t want to wipe the entire library, as Roon does not have all the metadata I require.

I did all that as I’ve mentioned in the ticket.
Completely cleaned up the ~/Library of anything Roon or RAAT.
The Library folder on ROCK (the one that has all the endpoints:
RoonServer/Database/Registry/Core had a ton of endpoints.
Once I’ve deleted all of those from there and restarted ROCK, it stopped showing me random (from the past) endpoints.
Those would appear because Roon would forget it, and I would create another one upon Mac reboot.

Then, on Mac side, I’ve also added an additional zone (the one that uses default Audio interface). I don’t use that.
But with all that, and after re-creating all zones, things are a bit better.
On Mac side, that second endpoint is needed solely so that the zone connected to USB DAC would appear.

Requirement to wipe the database or uninstall/re-install software indicates a bug in said software.

Which I ask you folks to fix.


Hi @roon_lover_007 ,

Can you please record a short screen capture video of this behavior and provide a dropbox / google drive / etc. link? Thanks!

You assign the zones, the restart Mac.
You start Roon, and the zones aren’t there.
Also, if you have two Macs that connect to the same Dock with the Ethernet port, you assign zones on one, power it down, connect another Mac (boot it), the zones aren’t there either.
You put the first Mac back in, the zones aren’t there.

It is a bit hard to record.



I’ve changed USB ports, and now reboot seems to mostly work.
What doesn’t is changing Macs.
The zones are disabled until you go and re-enable them.
What happens then is that Roon Core has multiple entries for the same endpoint.
Over time that directory becomes rather busy, and replacing Macs becomes a chore.

Reason for changing is that one I have from work, another my own.
And they are connected to the same setup (including the same ethernet port).

Any suggestions (besides wiping RAAT and Roon folders in Library and wiping endpoints on Core) would be greatly appreciated.


Spoke too soon.
The audio zone is lost as soon as you power off the laptop (don’t change anything).
Wait 2 minutes.
Power it back on.
The device is listed in Audio section in settings, but the zone is lost.
The System Output zone is back on. The name is there, the volume type is reset.
Delete ~/Library/RAATServer
Start Roon again.
Restart Roon Core.
Removing the endpoints from the Registry/Core (while Roon Core is down), then restarting Core, then adding the endpoints.
That has to be done EVERY time!!!

Hi @roon_lover_007 ,

Did you by any chance use Time Machine to restore one Mac to another? If you have, there is a troubleshooting step we can try, I have sent this via private message, thanks!


Thank you!
One of them is a work machine.
I can’t do much there, unfortunately.
Moved to use physical hardware to hopefully avoid the issue altogether.

Thank you and stay safe,

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