Roon on Mac mini - best endpoint connection - Roon Ready or via USB?

Running Mac mini with with Roon core Ethernet only am I getting the best quality to my home audio system? I have an Audio Control Maestro X7 and a NAB C700 both are Roon ready should I be running a cable from the Mac to those components to get the best quality or am I good?
Thanks for the help

Test both. I run my library on hdd into a dedicated Mac mini, then from the mini to my Gungnir DAC, then out to my integrated amp. I can also run from the mini direct to the DAC on the amp. But a side-by-side comparison tells my ears which is best. Might just work for you, too.


The general consensus ** for Roon Ready endpoints would be to use the LAN connection but of cause if curiosity is calling then wire each on up via USB to compare and contrast.

** There are strong opinions from those that prefer USB over eithernet but I’d suggest they are in the minority.

Post a screenshot of the Roon signal path when playing to each device… so we can give it a sanity check.


You mean the Ethernet connection? I’d agree. But USB versus WiFi might take some consideration.

Hi @Bill_Janssen,

A good point, for the best experience …

The device running the Roon Core should be hardwired.

For Endpoints… my preference for stability not SQ would be to hardware with cat cable back to a switch that is in turn wired to the router.

I run Roon Server on a Mac Min and both the Mac Mini and my Cambridge CXN V2 are hardwired to my router. Just make sure to use unshielded network cable like CAT 6 UTP to avoid grounding and noise issues.

Hi again @Jeffrey_Sanders,
All those signal path examples look absolutely fine and what I’d expect given your setup / equipment.