Roon on Mac Mini (Big Sur) can not enter external SSD

Hey all,
as written above, Roon can not connect to my External SSD ( Samsung T5). I always get the massage ERROR LOADING FOLDER, UNAUTHORIZED.
On the desktop I can access the drive and can read and write. I have a 2020 Mac mini with an M1 chip. Any ideas? I hope to get this solved soon as I bought the machine just hoping to have Roon running better than on my 2010 mini (problems with streaming Qobuz…)
Thanks to the team and really great work…

I just found out, that if I open the SSD via the desktop and I chose one title in one of the album folders, I get the massage DO YOU WANT TO ADD THIS FILE TO YOUR ROON LIBRARY? If I say yes, Roon adds this one song to the library. So, Roon can connect to the SSD, but NOT by adding a new folder via the settings.
Hope that helps a bit.
Thanks, Thomas

Check that you have permissions set correctly:

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You see me with a big smile…
Works. Thanks so much.
Best regards from Germany

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