Roon on Mac OS can't find new Nucleus

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon currently running on MacBook Pro Catalina just fine

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Roger internet modem connected to Apple 3T wireless router that creates my home Network

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Nucleus direct connect to Apple wifi router with LAN cable
Description Of Issue

Just purchased Roon Nucleus and Roon on my MAC can’t find it or see it. Doesn’t appear in Configure device or anywhere. Roon with CORE on my MAC works fine. Trying to put existing Core onto new Nucleus instead. See all migration info but can’t see the Nucleus on my network.


On the MacBook, go into Roon settings and click the “Disconnect” icon.

Roon should then display a new screen “Chose Your Roon Core”" click on the “Find My Roon Core” con.

It should then search for and find the Roon Core running on the Nucleus (assuming all is well).
Once done, the Mac with then function as Roon Remote.

Hi Carl,
I should have mentioned that I just came back with it from a retailer who had it set up as a demo. I wonder if it is a licensing problem. Can their license be transferred? Or maybe they set it up with a Static IP in he network settings instead of DHCP and maybe that’s why I can’t see it although it is directly plugged into my home wifi Apple router. Any ideas re license transfer procedure or static IP. I want to hit factory reset etc. but can’t do anything until I see the Nucleus on my network or Roon can find it. Thoughts.

That could be the issue, if it is … your dealer should have known better.

Let’s start at the beginning …

  1. with the Nucleus connected to your LAN and powered up do you see one solid LED (link lamp) and on flashing LED (data lamp) by the RJ45 connection?

  2. Using a network scanner of your choice, I use fing, scan you LAN to see if the Nucleus is found.

  3. Check that the IP address of Nucleus in on the same subnet as the rest of your LAN.
    e.g. all devices on say

  4. Check that the IP address of Nucleus does not clash with any other device.

  5. If all ok thus far point a web browser at the IP address of the Nucleus, see RKB - Connecting to Nucleus you should be able to see the Nucleus Web Administration Interface

If it determined that the Nucleus has been setup to use a static IP, there are couple of options.
One, described in the RKB is to plug use a USB NIC.
The other is to temporarily configure your Mac to also have a static IP on the same subnet as the Nucleus and then connect directly to together with a ethernet patch lead. Then attempt to connect to the Web Admin page again.

Alternatively seek help from your dealer and get them to check / setup the Nucleus for your environment.

Hope some of this helps.

Thanks will do.
One specific point I want to clarify: I have a Rogers high speed internet modem/router. Secondly, I have an Apple WiFi router connected via LAN cable directly from the Rogers High speed internet modem/router. Both have LAN out ports.
Do I connect Nucleus directly via LAN cable to the high speed modem router or directly via LAN cable to the Apple wifi router which is connected to the high speed internet router?

Thanks I think I got things to work and finally see the Nucleus. I did so by plugging the Nucleus LAN directly into the Rogers high speed modem/router (connected to coax internet) instead of having plugged it into the Apple wifi router. I think I’m good.

You might need to set the APE to use Bridge mode so everything is on the same network segments … note that APE’s are not ideally recommended

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