Roon on OSX Causes 400% CPU Usage, Fans go Wild (not in a good way)

Core is on Linux (CentOS 7), Roon Version 1.7 Build 505

Remote is 2018 Mac Mini with 16GB RAM and 6 core i7 and running OSX Mojave 10.14.6, Roon 1.7 build 505 with a USB DAC

Everything works fine, including the core to various other devices (Ropiee, SONOS etc), but since updating the remote to 1.7, every time the Roon Remote App is launched the CPU use for the Roon app goes to 380-450% and the Fans spin up to 100% with CPU temps reaching close to100 degC. Doesn’t matter if anything is played, happens as soon as the app is started.

This has ONLY started with the remote version 1.7. version 1.6 was fine. This makes Roon unusable.

After rebooting the Roon app does behave for a while but I cannot reboot easily - its a big deal, I have many apps/workflows open at once.

Network is all 1gig ethernet. no wireless between core and remote.

I see a few other posts with similar issues on OSX, different machines, different version of OSX.

I’m happy to assist with debug if it helps. I’m an IT professional and can provide logs/process samples etc if it helps.

Hi @Deeb,

We are aware of a few reports surrounding this issue and have been trying to reproduce in-house but haven’t been able to do so consistently. We are still investigating this behavior internally, and I have a few questions starting off which should help clarify some aspects:

  1. If you temporarily host the Roon Core on the Mac Mini, do you observe the same behavior?

  2. If you notice the same behavior when the Mac Minis is the Core, is there any change if you disable the network and use Roon without an active connection (as a test)?

  3. Does rebooting your Mac Mini trigger this behavior to temporarily stop?

  4. Do you have any active extensions in Roon?

Hi @noris,

  1. I deauthorised my core and setup/connected to a local core on the Mac mini. I did not setup tidal and added a music folder with only 2 tracks in it. No extensions. Same behaviour - high CPU. I left it for a bit and restarted a few times with no improvement.

  2. I turned off network via system preferences (ie, OFF, no network access) and Roon behaviour did not change - including restarting Roon.

  3. Rebooting does indeed stop the behaviour temporarily.

  4. I do have extensions active. Mike Plugge’s “Web Controller” version 1.2.9 and Floris Jan Galesloot’s MQTT Extension 0.1. But these were not on the “local” core tested above with the same behaviour.

I’m not sure if its relevant but when I switched to the local Mac for core I was asked to deauthorise my core, but when switching back I got no such message. Going to Settings -> Account I get an “Error retrieving account information” and. Reload gives same result. Not sure if this was working previously or if it is related.

Anything else I can do to help debug? As I mentioned I am happy to take some diagnostics, send some logs if there are any for Roon, or run a debug version if that helps.

Hi @Deeb,

I have followed up via private message in regard to the debug information. Thank you!

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