Roon on Pixel 6 is brutal

@support, Since everything is working fine with every other phone and PC I didn’t fill out all the usual support details. Let me know if I should…

Recently got a Google Pixel 6 (not Pro, in case that matters). It is really having problems running reliably on Pixel 6.

Here is what is going on: It closes very quickly after I am in it, and the lock screen and controls in the pull down also close. Yes, I went into the power settings and set the app to be “Not Optimized”. Usually, after it closes and I re-open it, it freezes up to the point that it pretty much freezes the entire phone. Twice now the phone was frozen for about 30 seconds and the just rebooted.

Not sure if this is an Android 12 thing, or specific to the Pixel 6. None of this was happening with my Pixel 3.

Anyone else having these types of problems with the Pixel 6?

I’ve been running Roon on Android 12 for months on my Pixel 5, no issues.

Hey @Kenneth_Price,

Thanks for letting us know of this - so sorry :pleading_face:

It looks like the Google Pixel 6 meets all of our requirements for an Android smartphone.

I wonder, did you get a chance to:

  • uninstall the Roon Remote app
  • restart the Google Pixel 6
  • reinstall the Roon Remote app

Any change?

Since it’s a brand new phone, and a fresh install, I didn’t think I would need to do that. But I will go ahead and do that and let you know how it goes. Thanks for the response!

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I’m running Roon just fine on pixel 5 with android 12.

My 6 pro will be delivered in about a month :frowning:

Although this is probably not related, verify that Google Fi VPN is disabled.

I’m having similar issues - the issues started once I upgraded my Pixel 3 XL to Android 12. If I leave Roon open as the last app used and then lock my phone, the lockscreen controls disappear after about 30 seconds. When I unlock my phone, it is practically useless (slow, apps are non-responsive) and I have to reboot it.

If I don’t leave Roon as the last app open, it doesn’t impact my phone as much, but again the lockscreen controls disappear after about 30 seconds. I didn’t have any issues when I was on Android 11.

I have deleted and reinstalled the Roon app, and I am using the correct battery settings.

Locksceren controls are there for me, but no volume control in Android 12 is a known issue for Android 12 universally. It doesn’t work for Chromecast either.


I uninstalled Roon on my Pixel 6, then rebooted, and reinstalled. Haven’t used it a lot since then, but so far so good. No freeze-ups or problems. Thanks.

Pixel 6 pro here there’s definitely issues in android 12.

UI is frequently hitching when scrolling. These devices have 120hz variable refresh rate screens not sure if that could be a factor.

Had few instances where the app launches and UI is unresponsive to touch until app is restarted.

Had one instance of UI not being responsive and throwing an android error.

Worked smoothly on Samsung galaxy s12 running 11 previously.

Thsi is the same for me on Pixel 4 its a poor experiennce. Closes all the time behind the scenes, lock screen doesnt work as its closed the network connection and overal shokny performance. Their was an update last week thsts given it s slight improvement but Roon and Android 12 on Pixel 4 is a pretty poor experience.

Same issue on LG v20 android 11 and Xiaomi 9t pro android 11.
Totally unusable. And I’m not talking about some lags, it’s literally unusable.

On iPad 5th it’s usable but with a lot of lags and freeze. I need often to force kill it and restart it.