Roon on QNAP app store unavailable / not working

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of no interest

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

since it’s not working: none

Description of Issue

On my above mentioned QNAP NAS roon is not shown in the QNAP app center. Using the website based app center roon is only listet until QTS 5.0.1, installing this package called 2021-10-03 seems to work, but when trying to open roon just a blank white windows appears. Using the latest qpkg from called 22-11-29 leeds to the same result.

Be aware, it’s impossible to access the roon server log files, since it’s only accessable by the configuration panel, which does not load.

If your QNAP is not up to the spec required to run Roon, the App Store will not display the Roon app.

If you‘d checked the requirements before posting: it does. If you‘d have read my post carefully you might have noticed, that until qts 5.1.0 Roon is officially offered, so your comment generally correct, but specifically useless.

To me it looks like the app needs an update to be able to run on 5.1.0, for whatever reason.

There seems to be something with 2348 maybe:

Thank you Suedkiez, I did not find this thread during my research. I‘ll continue there!

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