Roon on QNAP: “Not Logged In!” Message

Roon Core Machine

AMD Embedded R-Series RX-421ND, up to 2100 MHz (4 cores, 4 threads)
Firmware: QTS Build 20230815
Roon is latest (2023-03-07)

Description of Issue

Rebooted my QNAP and now when I launch Roon on the NAS I get a message “Not logged in!” in a blank window (see screen shot).

Tried uninstalling, reinstalling.

What happens when you start a remote? Does it find the server on the NAS and can you log in from the remote?

Solved. Needed to (for some odd reason) uninstall Roon and reinstall as admin.

As there are still unresolved instances of this issue from other users, can you possibly elaborate a bit on your solution so others can use it as a guide please?

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