Roon on QNAP TS453A freezing/re-initializing/disappears

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I’m trying to set up a client’s QNAP TS-453A with Roon. We’re aware that the TS453 is not ideal, but the software becomes totally non-responsive in a way that suggests there’s something else going on, and it’s not just the size of the library. After rebuilding everything from scratch, and only loading a small folder with a few dozen albums, we’re still seeing the same failure mechanism: Upon installation, the software appears to jump through a few loops where it re-initializes. (Instead of saying “Ready” under the “Choose your Core” screen on the remote, it shows a yellow dot with “Initializing”, and hangs there for a while. With luck, it goes green/“Ready”. I’ve been able to use it long enough to add music, and see the scans starting… and have been able to play music for a few seconds through an endpoint before the Core drops, disappears, and shows up as “Initializing” again. After several of these loops, the Core eventually disappears from the list. Once it gets to this state, rebooting the “Roon Server” via AppCenter doesn’t cause it to return.

Logs for the small library where it drops and then disappears are available at

Logs for where the process seems to just get stuck trying to re-initialize are available at

Bottom line: can you verify if this is just Roon completely overwhelming the TS-453A even with a small library? Or is there some other issue? Please advise.

Hi @Chris ---- Thank you for the report and sharing these observations with us , both are appreciated!

Confirming that I have received your logs and placed them in our tech team’s queue for analysis. Once my report has been updated with their thoughts/findings, I will update this thread with the team’s feedback. Your patience is appreciated!


Hey Chris,

We discussed this a little bit and the symptoms you’re describing are probably performance related – as I mentioned, that device is pretty underpowered for Roon.

The failure mode is a bit weird, so I can recommend some next steps to try and troubleshoot this, although my real recommendation would be to get a more suitable machine for the Core.

If you want to continue trying with this my would recommend completely uninstalling Roon and seeing if things are more stable with a fresh install with no content added. Get Roon up and see if you can stay connected – that will tell us if there’s anything content related going on here.

We can revisit this again if you’re seeing the same issue with no content added at all. Also dropping a flag here for @crieke, who wrote our QNAP port and may have some additional ideas.

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I already looked at the logs yesterday and was searching for any indicator that would be related to the qpkg. But I could not find any. Does this happen when Roon is in the process of identifying and analysing music files? If so, does the behaviour change if you deactivate it?

in Settings > Library:

  • Background Audio Analysis Speed
  • On-Demand Audio Analysis Speed
    to off.

Also, have you checked the CPU monitor in the QNAP web administration when this occurs?

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