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After updating my DSM on synology it says that Roon package version is not compatible with DSM?
Anyone experienced this or know what to do?

The DSM is v.7.1- 42661

You did not say which model of Synology you are using. Be aware that the Synology package will not work on all Synology NAS units due to hardware limitations. The package will not install on under powered machines. Since we don’t know which NAS you are using, a guess would be that it’s not up to the minimum spec.

Use the Docker version. There is a long thread here on the forum about how to do that- it’s pretty easy, I did it and it works like a charm on my DS218+

918+ So it’s powerful enough.

Hi Andy

I can’t seem to find the thread.
I’m not the greatest IT geek but if there is a step-by-step guide I’ll give it a try :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

By updating from DSM6 to DSM7 you have to install the Roon package specific for DSM7 (zie The Roon DSM6 package is not working under DSM7. Read the posts about the DSM7 package from crieke on this forum.


Here you go:

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This is old and not current guidance. The build for DSM 7 is now battle-tested. @Alfred_van_Hoorn has the right guidance.

Well my post and link is not redundant but if you mean the package not working then yes, that I believe is fixed. I would still recommend the docker though.

Roon actually runs more slowly in Docker (as does most software) and takes more RAM. I would always recommend the native package to people first, and only run in Docker as a last resort.


I got it up and running(dsm7 package) thanks guys.

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I tried to make my Synology D412+ as a Roon core, it stood rattling all day and RAM memory was totally busy all day, so conclusion was not to be a core…someone the same experience or have i done something wrong?

I believe this has an Intel Atom as the CPU - which is far below the minimum requirement as recommended by Roon Labs for an average-sized library…

How many Gb memory do you have in your system? If it is 1Gb then it sure is too low for a reasonable performance; your system will constantly swapping memory.

And how big is your library in terms of number or tracks? Roon Core was possibly busy with indexing your music files.

Roon is very resources hungry on Synology NAS units. I went full house and upgraded to a 6-bay 1812 fitted with 64GB ram (which is overkill, 8 is more than enough), 2 large HDD for the Music Library and 2 medium sized SSDs for the Roon Database. Essentially, it is strongly recommended to use SSDs for the database (the RoonOnNas folder) and at least 8GB of RAM. Alternatively, go to settings and tell Roon to stop making backups and only do them periodicly. That helps as well.

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