Roon on the go? Maybe the next best thing


Agreed. Better to know all these tricks before loading your files in your cloud storage (which was not my case). Also, at the time, you could not select specific folders in your cloud account, which I think is possible now.

I should probably give it another go.

Streaming quality is really good so I was even using it at home at the time.


Aha. LOL. I hear you.

The number of times i’ve wiped out collections in Roon, in cloud, google music, drop box, reconfigured on hdd’s, etc, just to get it all “just so” is countless!

It’s all good fun. Every time i reconfigure stuff albums pop out of the collection which get dusted off and played again. And it’s nice to discover a new way of archiving and retriieving stuff to make the hobby just a little bit more advanced :slight_smile:

(Greg McIntyre) #23

I use a service, VOX, has iPhone and android app (very good app) as well as Mac desktop app, and for $50 year unlimited cloud storage.


Hi Greg, is it windows compatible? I can’t see any mention of any Android app on their website? :frowning:

(Greg McIntyre) #25

whoops, sorry,. I thought it was on other platforms without checking. works on Mac and iPhone.


No worries, I got all excited there for a moment :slight_smile:

(Mike Ormerod) #27

That’s strange, in the years I’ve been using Plex I’ve not really had any issues. Firewall or router blocking access?

(Mike Ormerod) #28

Plex doesn’t mess with your files. I have Roon & Plex pointing to the same folders. Obviously, if Roon supported remote play then I’d just use Roon for music, and keep Plex for video.


ive reinstalled all and it seems to be working ok. but it’s not confidence inspiring to be using one minute and locked out completely the next :slight_smile:
Ive put it on different pc, too. Maybe that’ll help

(Mike Ormerod) #30

I run mine on a NAS along with my Roon Core.

(Brady Rosino) #31

For those of you that use Plex & iOS… check out the app Prism on the App Store. It is an alternative iOS music player that can connect to your Plex library (locally & remotely).

It is a music focused interface with amazing filtering/searching abilities. It handles remote streaming MUCH better than the actual Plex iOS app.

Game changer for me. Highly recommended.

(Mike Ormerod) #32

Maybe someone’s ear’s were burning, but I just got this in an email from Plex with regards to their latest beta build…

Additional details:


  • We’ve enabled a new audio player with some neat enhancements under the hood which improve performance.

(simon arnold) #33

Been using Plex remotely for years for Video but earlier this year also decided to add mucic. It works great if your on WiFi somewhere but on a mobile connection it’s not reliable enough. I prefer to use streaming services for mobile music they are designed better for it and cache plenty ahead to aid with poor signal areas. Plex doesn’t seem to do this well enough. Spotify lasted 15mins on the underground with no connection.

Never had connection issues with my Plex server though which runs on a QNAP.


The plex thing is ok if the WIFI connection at home is consistent for uploading. I get around 20mbps consistently for the uploading. Also for mobile, anything above MP3 really needs 4G. I get decent speeds here (switzerland) around 40-50mbs or more for downloading on cell connection.

It’s proving OK for plex, there’s more initial connection issues with plex, the software and handshaking is not as tight as it could be.

I do like my Dropbox solution… it’s been REALLY reliable. Better than Tidal in fact. As good as Qobuz.

ps… I’m really cranking up the Plex side now… I have added around 12000 album folders to the system, it’s holding up ok. I want to finishing the scanning finally and then road test it on my Note 8 properly via cell connection. No app crashes with Plex (yet), which is nice.

(Paul Frank) #35

all very interesting, thanks to all for the info!
I have just started an Office 365 sub (still on 1st month trial free) and that comes with 1Tb cloud free per user (up to 5) and each can have multiple devices - all for the same price (UK) as 1Tb plan from Google


If you have JRiver, why would you need Plex for music server. JRiver does that a thousand times better. You can stream through the JRiver app available for android and ios. You can configure it not to down-sample (if you have the network bandwidth) and it plays your music direct with no hiccups.

(Andrew J Shepherd) #37

One reason could be that JRiver’s phone/tablet remote app situation is subpar.



Hi Paul

Im not sure how it will work with the multiple accounts.

Im using a 1tb account myself with Onedrive (thanks to a shared account from my wife’s 365 sub), but I am quite sure it’s not possible to be logged in to more than one onedrive account at a time on a certain device. Cloud player will only allow access to one account of each Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, Box.

The 1tb account works fine with Cloudplayer, having said that :slight_smile:

(Jeff) #39

Plex allows content syncing so you don’t have to stream everything, you can take your music with you.

(Daniel Lundh) #40

I’ve been using Plex for years for my video needs. It builds a database over your files much like Roon and doesn’t touch the files themselves.