Roon on the go? Maybe the next best thing

(Ian Murphy) #41

Chiming in to note that I used Plex for a year, and liked the interface a lot, but it couldn’t read the uncompressed audio in my library (mostly AIFFs), which is a condition that other Roon users might replicate.

I’ve installed Subsonic, which

  • works on the same principle as Plex,
  • has a slightly less delightful interface, and
  • indexes the AIFFs and WAVs (and converts them on the fly to MP3 for streaming).

$1/month for a custom URL which points to my home library, which I opened via port forwarding in my router. Has been working very well for me.

(Bruce Orr) #42

Will your solution work with Mac/iOS?


Hi Bruce, there are quite a few solutions now proposed here :slight_smile:
To which one do you refer?


I had a quick look, Ian, installing Subsonic on PC and phone, and tried configuring. It’s quite a “raw” solution by all accounts compared to Plex. With Plex it worked immediately with now further configuration on phone or pc (even if a bit iffy at times :slight_smile: ). There’s more getting hands dirty with Subsonic it seems, is it semi-open-source?

It’s a bit daunting for me to look into further, tbh, especially as Plex is working ok now. But definitely interesting!

(Bruce Orr) #45

I’m referring to your initial post. Thx.

(Ian Murphy) #46

No, I agree, Plex is a simpler setup and a more beautiful interface. I’d flatly prefer it except that it can’t handle uncompressed audio - which made it a nonstarter for me, as all of my own CD rips (which is 100% of my personal use case) are to AIFF.

I offered up Subsonic to anybody who was prowling the message boards in a similar quandary.

And I will say that while there were a few more steps setting up Subsonic, once it was in place, I’ve found it totally stable and easily extensible.


Ok Bruce.

Checked it out. Alas it seems Cloudplayer is only Android. There are some interesting Ios options in this thread also suiting IOS however, even ones which I’d like to give a go but I can’t because they are IOS only :slight_smile:

(Bruce Orr) #48

Thanks. Appreciate you’re research.

I’ll re-read the other Mac solutions - or wait for Roon!


Out of curiosity, do any of these on the go solutions deal with playlists?

I currently use DSAudio via my synology for on the go listening but it requires me to create its own playlists as it won’t read my Roon ones (or at least I haven’t figured out how).


Cloud player/drop box will import M3U and XML; but Im not sure if they work with the music it imports, if that makes sense. Ill see if I can run some tests.

(Wayne Bull) #51

Out if interest did you try any of the other cloud options through cloudplayer? Im looking into this and wondered if there was much difference between dropbox, onedrive or google drive?

(Mac Rebant) #52

I would be very surprised if Roon mobile didn’t include TIDAL in some form, whether it’s downloaded / offline content, or full access to the entire catalog and our playlists. If they only allow offline then I would be very disappointed since I have such a large TIDAL integration for my library.


Mac, Ive been flitting between Tidal and Qobuz for a long time.

I just invested in a V30 cellphone from LG, which I am looking to become the master of all so to speak. Got it yesterday, and so far so very good. It has a quad-dac in it which can be accessed directly via the UAPP application. Not only that, it can actually see and play Tidal Masters even offline. It’s a gamechanger for me. It also drives my 600ohm Beyerdynamic full sized cans with some ease, which is crazy.

So now Im back on Tidal with a vengeance :slight_smile:

I really hope also if/when Roon does a proper mobile version, it will exploit advanced players properly with onboard dacs and phones like the V30.

Only certain players will offer direct play to the dac without Android interfering, such as UAPP and Neutron. Its a real geeky tweaky nightmare to get it all “just so”.


Wayne, Yes I have Onedrive connected also , 1tb, and have not noticed any difference between that and Dropbox. I will be investing in a 2tb Google One account when it finally hits here.

(Wayne Bull) #55

Thanks for your reply. Any idea when the 2tb google option will be rolled out?


it’s avl in the states 10usd per month! here in switzerland we’re stuck with 20chf for 2tb per month, Google Drive is still operating. No idea when it will arrive… next few months i guess.

(Wayne Bull) #57

Cheers I’ll keep tabs on it…:+1::+1::+1:


where r u based, wayne?

(Wayne Bull) #59

I’m in the UK


Hi @Jayson_Steckler ,

Ok , my tests were +Ve. With Cloudplayer

I made 2 playlists. One with Roon, and one with Foobar and both worked.

The Roon playlist was exported in Roon, along with the files themselves and then all files in folders were copied to Onedrive.

With Foobar I simply saved playlist and copied to Onedrive music folder (ie “m” folder, where i store my music on Onedrive), along with the folders with the music in them.

Important note: The playlists need to be copied to the cloud and then scanned after having copied and scanned the music files. It seems like the Cloudplayer creates its own version of the playlist when importing the m3u file and at that time scans the Onedrive files for existance, if the files dont exist on onedrive then they won’t appear in the imported playlist.

Hope this helps.

PS… Roon in its infinite wisdom, when exporting music files, assigns some really obtuse attribute to the album art called “Artwork 1”, rather than “Front Cover” which would be oh-so obvious, so basically all of the mobile players Ive got won’t read the album art at all. You’ll need to use some sort of bulk tag editor like MP3TAG to assign the correct name to the album art. I’ve put this as a feature request in Roon, but it received no comment nor endorsement sadly, so I doubt it will be corrected.