Roon on the go? Maybe the next best thing

(Eric Adler) #61

I’m curious if anyone has tried Emby for mobile music?


Was unaware of Emby, Eric, checking now, looks similar to Plex. Another interesting option for sure. I found Plex was very good off bat, just paid my subs and it integrated via cell network, without configuring firewalls, ports, etc. That’s a big + for me.

Any other remote streamer Ive tried just never worked out. Im a bit short tempered in that regard :slight_smile: - maybe Emby is like Plex in this area.

(Eric Adler) #63

I have heard that Emby is more customizable. I am playing with it now and it seems nice. However, I do no like the GUI on the android app much. Ill try Plex next.

(simon arnold) #64

I tried Emby for a year it was not as mature as Plex so went back to Plex.

(Mike Ormerod) #65

An interesting development:

(simon arnold) #66

It is just playing with it.


I noticed this today…

(Wayne Bull) #68

Thanks for that :+1::+1::+1:

(simon arnold) #69

Still too expensive. I get 1TB and office with onedrive for £5.49


Got that too but can’t see a way to get any more that that from Microsoft? Im greedy :wink:

(nate lynch) #71

Do we have any confirmation of future functionality for this, or at least a feature request? For me if I had the singular Roon interface anywhere, complete with some offline capabilities through tidal and local storage on the phone i’ll be totally happy. I’ve been looking for years and not found an app as great as Roon for my needs and setup, and it is only missing this one feature as far as I can tell right now. I happily bought a lifetime license already.


Yes that’s my exact same requirement. Exactly what you’ve requested.

Also, syncing playlists and tags to the offline storage (and goes without saying to tidal content on the mobile device) should be entirely possible. It works with parallel desktop setups; ie if one takes copies of the same (music) files and uses them for roon to point at from a restored roon backup on a different pc entirely, then roon will apply existing tags/playlists to them.

This, coupled with Roon/Tidal syncing on mobile device would be major. Not even DNLA remote streaming would be needed, at least in the first instance.

In fact this could be an initial solution… “Export Roon Lite”; create a “Lite” backup to restore on the Roon Mobile App as a file to copy over to one’s phone.

Or even I wouldn’t care too much if I had to start from scratch on a mobile version, new playlists, new tags and such. I’d be basically happy with any proper mobile roon solution which allowed for detailed tagging of tidal and locally stored content, lol :slight_smile:

PS… In answer to your question… No i don’t know… just got carried away with the dream of it. I hope it’s high on the priority list. It’s sorely needed.

PPS… If i get time I might start a thread for it… brainstorming can be fun… beat me to it, no problem! I must spend less time on here dreaming and more time working :rofl:

(nate lynch) #73

seems this could be a winning change. I hope it is their strategy.


ok, so my dropbox/cloudplayer idea has gone to phase 2, lol.

Ive taken the plunge and gone for an unlimited dropbox account which is costing around 50 eur a month. But for peace of mind and access remotely and without glitching to all my circa 10tb of music, it’s worth it to me.

As I upload it, i will advise any glitching or instability to due increased content.

In addition, am using Cloudplayer combined with UAPP; downloading for offline use selected albums from the dropbox account, even DSD files or 24/192 flacs. This way it’s like having my own personal Qobuz account, albeit with less albums overall :-), but they are my albums. No gaps int he collection.

UAPP gives me bit perfect playback and direct to DAC too on my X7ii and V30 phone, and having a smaller selection offline is nice; i can browse the Cloudplayer collection, download a few, kickback and enjoy via UAPP without flooding me with 1000’s of albums to choose from. Nice!


So far so good with the unlimited account with Dropbox. Am up to 6tb of music uploaded. Cloud Player is keeping up like a champ with around 8500 album folders in the listing now. Still very sprightly in searching and displaying and general stability. Very pleased.

The only issue is the time it takes for Cloud Player to do a database refresh (pretty regularly needed as Im updating metadata due to laziness thanks to Roon, haha). It’s taking several days to reindex the entire collection so far uploaded. Once it’s stabilised this won’t be too much of an issue.

(Vincent Kennedy) #76

As a baby step, I’d be happy to start out with reliable VPN access into my home network to stream from my phone, tablet, and PC.


You can do that with PLEX. I’ve road tested the Plex offering and it’s just not robust enough for me; it works but it’s a bit…hmmm… intermittent in terms of connection, I kept having to jig about with restarting the app and such to get it to reconnect to my home library.

Roon will do it perfectly I’m sure (one thing I’ve noted with networking and Roon, is that they get it more right than others, hah!) but will probably be a long wait. I’m guessing 18 months to 2 years before we see a great mobile solution from Roon.


Update: My Dropbox/Cloudplayer solution is now “complete”; I have 12500 folders synced with around 7tb of online data and it’s working brilliantly. No real slowdown apart from displaying albums initially on the phone (it’s taking making 3 or 4 seconds for initial display, which is no bother). Searches are almost instantaneous too.

All good.