Roon Output Configuration effected by Qobuz Trial. Roon will not play

I previously reported this problem on 1/20, but I did not promptly respond to a question/suggestion and the topic was automatically closed. Unfortunately it is still an open problem. This time I will respond more quickly.

My core is a Nucleus.
My primary remote is a Mac running Catalina 10.15.7. Also use an iPhone as remote.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

My router is an Apple Extreme, but I think it is irrelevant to this problem.
Both the Mac and the Nucleus are hardwired via ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

Schiit Modi Multi-bit DAC.

Number of Tracks in Library

13,000 tracks.

Description of Issue

I’ve been enjoying Roon for almost two years without problems.

Three weeks ago I signed up for a Qobuz trial and downloaded their app. Roon music display included Qobuz music, but when I selected a Qobuz track got an error message (too many failures. Stopping playback). Worse, when I selected a library track I own, it would not play either. No error message. The volume/progress indicator at the bottom of the screen did not move.

I reported the problem to Qobuz and for three weeks tried unsuccessfully to get technical support. I finally gave up and cancelled my Qobuz trial and deleted the software.

The Qobuz interface disappeared from Roon. When I select an owned track to play, Roon appears to play it, the volume/progress indicator moves. But no output.

I went to Settings->Audio and my DAC no longer appeared. I reinstalled my DAC on all three available spaces. But still no output.

I think the problem is in the Output configuration, but I am not technically savvy enough to determine what is wrong, much less solve it.

Ged_Hickman asked if I had rebooted all of my devices. I have rebooted the Nucleus, Mac, and DAC, which did not solve the problem.

Your apple TV is showing up on a different network to the airport. What is the ip address of your mac?

Also apple network equipment isn’t recommended by roon.
“Finally, we strongly recommend against using Apple network devices such as the Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express (note: it’s fine to use the Airport Express as an Airplay device). To ensure the best performance, we recommend against using these devices.”

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Ged, Thank you for your response.

The IPv4 address of my Mac is
I see three IPv6 addresses for the Mac as follows:

Are the Apple routers an issue for my Roon music network? The Mac, Nucleus, and DAC are all hardwired with ethernet cable. Speakers are hardwired as well. When I use my iPhone as a Roon remote, then it connects to Nucleus via Wifi and the Apple Router. But I thought that was for Nucleus controls only and the music signal is carried entirely on ethernet. If I am wrong and the Apple router is the culprit causing my problems I will replace it.

Another piece of info. When I try to play my Roon music I receive a Roon Security Alert email indicating a new device just signed into my Roon Account. I have not changed any of the devices, but I did have to reinstall the DAC.

I purchased an LG Smart TV a year ago and rarely use the Apple TV anymore.


Ged, Any suggestions on how to resolve the problem?


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