Roon overriding artist on compilation album [Resolved]

On one of my favorite guilty pleasure albums, Roon is over riding my artist tags and using incorrect ones. I verified that the flac files contain the correct songs and the tags contain the correct artists. My album artist tag is set to various artists. In my library settings, there is no setting for roon to prefer my artist, only my album artist. Normally I only prefer Roon for setting album dates and labels. Do I need to drop the library folder after changing import preferences? I did force a rescan via the storage tab by selecting the folder. @support

I have included a screen capture from mp3tag and a screen capture from the roon control. My core is a windows 10 desktop, my control a windows 10 Surface Pro 3 and my output a Bluesound Node 2.

Well, I guess my first question is what are 1990s and 2000s music doing on an 80s album. Stripped by Shiny Toy Guns,
Sex Dwarf by Dirty Sanchez, Electricity by Apoptygma Berzerk?

But, to your point. I would remove the album identification to force Roon to use your metadata. Select album, click on Edit, select Identify album, choose NONE OF THESE LOOK RIGHT in lower right. That should leave the album as “unidentified” and Roon will use your meta-data.

Thanks, that fixed it. Clearly 80s music since the original versions from Depeche Mode, Berlin and OMD were released in the 80s :blush: