Roon pathway to the New Hiby R6 2020 is lossy!

Mac Mini 2020, 3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7, 64 GB RAM, Mac OS Big Sur 11.1
Ethernet connected to Lumin T2 and using New Hiby R6 2020 as endpoint.

The device is fully capable of decoding 16X MQA, 32 bit / 768 kHz, yet when playback from Roon is chosen, the resolution gets distorted. This regardless of the DSD, Hi-res FLAC/AIFF/WAV, or MQA. One way or the other the pathway gets distorted. There is nothing in the settings, that could change.

Btw, it is confirmed that the device play all those formats. Tidal streaming full MQA was possible. DSD and hi-res AIFF (most of my local storage format) played lossless, formats were recognized and advertised.

I have read previously that this is the fault of the Roon Android App - apparently it forces everything to 16/44.1k. So despite the Hiby bypassing the Android Audio stack you’re still stuck at 16/44.

Same issue on my Hiby R5.

I was hoping the 1.8 update would fix this, but alas.


That is exactly my point. I wrote a small rant on Roon’s Facebook homepage about this.
This is an annoying and dogmatic scenario that roon forces users through … and it has been ongoing and requested over many years, I see being Brough up a lot. So, roon support cannot claim they are unaware of it.
All they should do is to make it possible to opt this pathway out and have the sound being pushed to the endpoint in a lossless manner.

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Any feedback form roon staff?!??!???

There won’t be any feedback here. If you want a change put it in as a feature request.

On day 5 of my free trial and see this problem on my hiby h6. Very disappointing.