Roon PC Desktop player randomly crashing

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

wired connection

Connected Audio Devices

Roon PC Player running 903 > Cambridge Audio DACMagic

Number of Tracks in Library

16,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon PC desktop player randomly crashes and quits. This began after I upgraded to 903 and has happened several times

Logs are here: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

See here Windows 11 & Release 1.8 (903): Scrolling Issues and Random Crashing

We all have the same issue.

Bumping here as I’m having a very similar issue. It’s been a busy week for me personally and professionally so I don’t know if it’s something directly ongoing, but this morning I went to update to 903 and have a decent listening session and voila, I can maybe make it through about 6 minutes of listening before it just crashes.

Also of note, having lyrics (or any other dynamically update information, for that matter) up for the track seems to proliferate the issue, and it barely makes it 60 seconds before crashing.


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Same here, Roon desktop on windows 11.
And yes when using the interface its crashing sooner.
Not using the interface and playing for almost 1.5 hour.
But “clicking” it to front to use it…just crashes.
Have used 903 with 3 different cores… (Rock on core i5 desktop 8GB ram , Roon core on ubuntu 20.04.3 on the same desktop and Roon core on Unraid VM and Ubuntu 20.04.3) the issue stays the same.
Also sporadic “hangs” on 2 android devices (Galaxy tab s6 and Realme X2 pro).
My network consists of GB ethernet an 2 Wifi acces points wich work flawless.
The Core is on ethernet as is the windows 11 workstation.
My volumio Roon endpoint on an old celeron NUC is playing for hours without a hitch.
I really love Roon , but i have to have a stable solution… this is far from stable.

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Bumping this, it’s still an issue…

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If I were Roon, I would consider this issue a top, top, and very top priority. It’s a showstopper bug IMO.

Yes indeed, i use my win 11 workstation a lot. So the randomly crashing windows client is simply to much for me. Even if i like it very much. Looking for alternatives i stumbled over my plex installation .
I didn’t look at plex to play my audio to much because i thought …not bitperfect…But it is! Has also an exclusive mode on win 11 and does not crash… and even a very good Tidal integration …and plexamp on android plays via my headphone dac/amp beautifully. On my hifi in the living room plays Volumio also with Tidal connector …so i think i will use these solutions for a while. Sorry Roon this was it for me.
Now i have to look at a good use for my hp deskpro 600 which was intended for Rock or Roon server.
Which both worked good i presume.
Ending my membership fee for Roon, glad not have taken the expensive yearly route…

Roon latest release build 911 appears to fix random crashes on Windows 11. Thanks @support.

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Thank you for confirming that the fixes in the latest build have helped resolve this, @QuinnT

@Doug_Wieringa, @Maxwell_Hunter, @Tonny_Hooijer, can you let us know if things are improved for you as well? Thanks!

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I,m sorry Jamie. After the troubles on windows 11 i quit using roon and play my files with plex now.
I erased the roon server and the apps from my clients and server.
Very good of you to manage to fix the instability , it was a dealbreaker for me.
Best regards,

It was also a deal breaker for me, so I had to stop using Roon until the build 911.

Thanks for following up @jamie Roon has crashed since the update to 911, but only once, which is definitely an improvement from the situation before the update. If it crashes again I can upload logs.


Hi @Tonny_Hooijer,

We’re sorry to hear you’re departing, we wish you happy listening whenever you land.

@QuinnT and @Doug_Wieringa, we’re glad to hear that things are holding steady on the new build. :muscle:t2:

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