Roon PEQ and tone generator

Hey Roon Community, I am exploring a Roon subscription and have looked all over their site and searched the forum but have yet to find an answer to my (seemingly simple) question. In the past I have used REW to measure my room, to assist with room treatments, check automated room correction results, etc. Recently I sold all my surround gear (down to the built in rack and all my cables) and went very basic 2CH. I could use some minor EQ in a few areas and this is where my interest in Roon lies. However, I can’t find anything about test tone generation within Roon, does it exist? Or do I use REW to find where I need correction and then simply use the Roon PEQ in those areas? Lastly, if anyone has had success using the HDMI input on the new Node with REW please advise, I have failed up t this point. Thanks.

Welcome to Roon. I do not know of a tone within Roon. I personally used REW and made my adjustments on my amp. You can enact changes using a DSP setup within Roon that you make with your REW measurements for example:
Using REW+Roon/MiniDSP for extreme EQ - Tinkering - Roon Labs Community

There are a number.

I can not talk to the HDMI and Node question but think others here will.


Thank you @MamaTried

Simply export whatever measurement signal from REW and import into Roon, or find test signal CDs via Qobuz to replay, or rip your favorite test signal CD to use that.