Roon Playback on Multiple Audio Systems Going Out of Sync

Roon Core Machine

MacPro 12 Core (Mid 2010) with a 2TB SSD, 128GB RAM and RX580 8G Graphics Card.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

The two systems are located only a few feet away from each other in my office.

  1. 1000MB Fibre ethernet connection for my MacPro.
  2. Bluesound PowerNode 2i is on WiFi with full WiFi bars signal.

Connected Audio Devices

  1. Attached to my MacPro I have an ARCAM irDAC plus a set of Audioengine A5+ speakers.
  2. Bluesound PowerNode 2i, pair of B&W 603 S2 speakers.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

When I play an album on this one audio setup everything plays back perfect. But I have another system in my office…

I have created a group using Roon for both these systems and when I play an album… at first all can be in sync, but then maybe later on in that track, or another track I can start to hear the audio being out of sync. I’m always running the very latest software version of Roon, but my MacPro is now maxed out at macOS Mojave (10.14.6). This has been going on since I first got Roon. I have hoped the Roon Update 1.8 would have resolved it… but no… all is the same.

Now… if this happens… I can press pause and play again, and it seems to clear it up, but not all the time. Sometimes I need to quit the Roon app altogether and start again. And other times it’s fine and plays in sync fine. As you can see, it just very erratic and an unreliable listening experience. I also have a ROTEL + B&W 603 S2 (40th Anniversary) speakers in my Livingroom … but when I add that to the group, or if it’s a little out it’s hard to notice as you walk through rooms… really it’s the two systems in the one space is the key syncing issue.

Is there anyone else out there having a similar issue. I love Roon, but it kills me that it’s just not reliable with my setup to play two systems in sync. Is there something I’m doing wrong… or can this situation be improved in some way.


In the Advanced setup on the grouped audio devices, there is an option for Zone Grouping Delay. Perhaps adjusting that might help.

have you tried to connect your powernode via ethernet cable? most latency i experienced coming from wifi, even you have full bar signal.

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Thank you Rugby for your comments and input… I have seen that setting before and it’s set to zero… which I thought was best… so left it alone… are you suggesting with the syncing issues that I have… increasing this might actually help the issue… ?

Thank you Yohan for your comments and input… I thought with Room 1.8, WIFI playback was not to be an issue… even with people with poor WIFI connections… but where my PowerNode 2i is located is right in the same room… with WIFI 6… it’s not only full WIFI bars… but 1000MB’s worth… very strange that it would go out of sync like this so often. My PowerNode 2i is just that little bit too far away to plug in using an ethernet cable connection… I have used up all my Wifey Brownie points as it is… so no way is she going to be looking at more cables in another room!! lol Just feels disappointing with all the software updates for Roon and Bluesound… that in sync playback is still so unreliable :frowning:

Hey Anthony,

some ideas of work around worth trying maybe: power line connection, or mesh extender.

another area worth trying, using a more modern computer as core.

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