Roon Playback Stops Randomly on new 1.8 Build (880)

Roon Core Machine

OS version 1.0 build 227
Server Software version 1.8 build 880

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Orbi mesh router, with all plausible devices hard-wired).
Router Firmware Version V2.7.3.22

Connected Audio Devices

Server: Intel NUC, running Roon ROCK 880 (connected via ethernet)
Endpoint: Intel NUC, running Roon ROCK 880 (connected via ethernet)
Clients: Win10 Roon 880 (connected via ethernet), Pixel 5a Android, running what Google Play says is latest version of Roon (can’t check now because I’m stuck on the “lost connection” screen.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Playback and network connectivity are broken with the latest Roon update (1.8, 880). Things were working fine, then I updated now playback will work fine for a bit and stops randomly. This is with both Qobuz streams and files stored on a local Synology NAS. With the Windows 10 client as the client, everything is over Ethernet. I"m also get more “lost connection” errors than normal from the Android app. These had calmed down with recent builds, prior to 880.

Whatever “network enhancements” were added definitely broke Roon for me entirely.

Is there a way to revert all of my devices to the previous build?


I have exactly the same experience. Worked flawlessly before update. After update it is rare that an entire song plays without pausing and/or skipping to next song. Zenmini core, hardwired. Endpoint hardwired and wifi. Unifi Network. Apple iPhone Roon app.

And just to add to this: If I use the Tidal App and use AirPlay everything works flawlessly.

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The 882 build seems to have fixed my issue. I’ve been listening for 30 minutes or so with no issue so far. Thanks to the support and dev team for getting this fixed quickly.

As a side note, I also wound up having the corrupted build issue that others are reporting regarding build 880. I restored a backup and immediately updated to build 882 and so far have not had any more issue with that, though that took up to 24 hours to show up the first time.

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