Roon playing through Tidal instead of Local Library

Today I confirmed something that I’ve been suspecting was happening for a while now. When Tidal account is enabled, selecting tracks from my local library and playing them results in a Tidal version being played, rather than my own local files. Album thumbnail does not have Tidal icon when playing.

I confirmed this by doing the following:
Navigate to library
Select Wish you were here album
Select info
Library correctly states files are FLAC, 44.1KHz, etc
Hit play button for album
First track commences
Navigate to identify quality of track being played
Room says Tidal, AAC… “Low Quality”
Stop track
Settings → services → Tidal → Disable
Back to Wish You Were Here → play
Quality of track now playing is Lossless, FLAC, 44.1

This is very strange behaviour and makes Tidal integration somewhat limited unless on Room Radio.

Screenshots of what you are seei g woukd help.
Were you playing from the album view ir within versions in the album.

Please provide the information requested in the following post, and ideally, include a screenshot of the album you’re playing—the versions tab—and the signal path.

Hi team, it seems now that I’ve re-enabled Tidal that I’m not able to recreate the issue. It’s now defaulting to the local files rather than tidal streaming version.

Since it’s now working let’s close this topic.