Roon playlist features are poor!

if like me, you build your playlists while listening to music, you would certainly find like me that roon playlist features are poor, not at all at the level of other features!

I stop immediately all the folks that will answer “manage your playlists on Qobuz or Tidal”. As just said I build my playlists while listening to music, and I listen to music with Roon…

Roon is not only my favorite player but my only one

here are the main lack of feature for myself, and surely you can add more:

adding a song to a playlist is only available in the ‘queue’ view, it is inappropriate place, it should definitely be available right next to the current song infos at the left down corner.
a 3 dots icon with the ability to add OR delete a song from a playlist should be available at this place.

also an other improvement: once we have duplicated Qobuz or Tidal playlists, we should be able to hide Qobuz or Tidal playlists in roon playlists list.
OR again better ( but maybe more technically difficult) : suppress the duplication feature and make the changes ( adding or deleting a song in a playlist) in roon with direct impact in the streaming service platform (Qobuz or Tidal) .

those improvements should be done in roon smartphone AND desktop interfaces .


This is a great idea, but maybe next to the rest of the playing controls would work more consistently, i.e. if you stick it in the bottom left corner where would you put it such that it didn’t interfere with the artist name or album title? Something like the following would be my choice …

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I don’t want to undermine your suggestion of adding the option in the LH corner, but just pointing out that

is not correct. One can add via the album tracks view, the tracks browser, the playlist view and even the now playing screen

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If you haven’t seen it, there is a thread on Playlist suggestions.

thanks @Rugby @BrianW @DaveN

maybe we could add a vertical 3 dot icon like this image
just at the left of the picture of current song? ( right at the left down corner)

( sorry, the 3 dots icon is too big, it is just to explain the idea)

with at least 2 options :

  • add to playlist
  • delete from playlist
  • maybe other options

it is true that there are other ways to add or delete songs, but it would be a much direct way to manage playlists, and would significantly positively increase playlists management experience.