Roon plays for a few minutes & loses connection

None of my Ethernet connections are over AC. All are wired and can be verified as working since I can stream both audio and video from the internet from the listening room without problem. I can also stream content from the iPad (excluding Roon entirely).

Later this morning I will power cycle EVERY device in the network (including peripheral devices such as the Cox cable modem/router) and restore them sequentially.

The Roon Background Audio Analysis is complete. Should I make a backup now?

Thanks again - Glenn

OK - After power-cycling everything, Roon will now start, run for about a minute or two, and then crash.

BUT THEN… (dramatic pause)…

I turned off the “play internet radio between selections” option and suddenly everything works reliably. Whether this condition will persist remains to be seen, but I’ll report back.

Nope - Still crashing even after the “Enable Roon Radio Notifications” switch was turned off.

However, since all my symptoms seemed to be happening due to slow system speed, I reviewed what has changed since this computer, on this network, ran Roon perfectly. I discovered two issues:

Number one - When Roon ran on this machine, the machine was running OS-X Mojave. Now this machine is running Catalina, a far more resource-intensive OS.

Number two - I began investigating my clock cycles using the excellent “Activity Monitor” app, and discovered that my Malware Bytes had somehow been set to automatically scan the whole system every hour.

After setting Malware Bytes to manual-scan only, Roon has now been running for an hour with no crashes. Will report more when I know more…

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Hi @Glenn_Young,

Thank you for posting your network setup. Can you please confirm my previous question?

This is an important distinction that we need to make here, if it’s just the Oppo affected by this behavior and “System Output” works as expected, we should focus on the Oppo more.

Do let us know how it goes with the Malware Bytes change as well.

Yes - Roon was crashing when only the built-in audio was selected. And you’re right that this is an important distinction. If the built-in “System Output” audio was working fine, then the source of the problem would have to be downstream of the Roon Core computer (ie. the network or the destination). But since the built-in audio also crashed, then the source of the problem MUST be on the Roon Core computer itself.

Since I disabled the Malware Bytes hourly scans, and also shut off all the OS enhancements (screen savers, etc.) Roon has now been running without incident for two hours.

Cheers & Thanks!


I’m now 100% satisfied that the background apps running on my MacBook Pro were the cause of the Roon instability. Since purging the resource-hogs running in the background, Roon has been entirely stable on this machine.

Thanks for all the coaching!

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Hi @Glenn_Young,

That’s great news! I’m going to go ahead and mark this thread as [solved] but if you experience further issues don’t hesitate to reach out to us again.

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