Roon plays Tidal Tracks but will not my local files

Unfortunately, I have more issues.

I’m now running Roonserver (64 Bit) for Windows on my PC. I have downloaded Roon Remote onto an iPad Pro. Roon now seems to run fabulously with my TIDAL subsription - I downloaded a bunch of music selections and they are set up in the database and play perfectly on my desktop system.

Problem is, none of the music in my own library plays. I have set up watched folders for the music on my PC and NAS drives. Both seem to be recognized by Roon and appear in the Roon database; all of my music shows up (with full graphics and descriptions) on the IPad, but when I try to play any of the selections, nothing plays. After hitting Play, the time bar which shows the elapsed time for the piece stays at 0.00, flashes a bit and then turns into a distorted waveform shape, while I hear nothing but silence from the speakers. Kind of frustrating.

Any ideas about what’s wrong here? Is there anything else I need to set up?
Thanks again,

Have you chosen a zone to play to?

Hey @Frank_Neitzert – just sent you a PM with some instructions for getting us some more logs here.

Get me some more information and we’ll figure out what’s going on here. Thanks!