Roon, please leave user added artist images alone!

Let’s face it, Roon doesn’t do a very good job supplying artist images. I’ve spent hours trawling the net to add same where Roon’s art is of poor quality or absent, only to periodically find Roon of its own volition simply overwrites my efforts with whatever current pic it finds, most of which are a regression from what I’ve taken the trouble to source and add. :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Please, change the code to respect artist images added by users as their chosen artist image - there’s a reason they’ve gone to the trouble in the first place. It’s outrageous we’re forced to make the effort only for you to subsequently run roughshod over it.


An old issue still unresolved

Strange. I have not had one instance that I can find where an image I added was changed by Roon. I sure wish I knew what was different between our two setups that might cause that.

same sh!t, different day/month/year in Roonland…

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I have loads of added artist images, Roon has never changed them to my knowledge

Hi @Emile_Lemmer,

While we do our best to not remove any edits that are manually entered, we are aware of some cases where artist images may be lost. Mike, our product manager, explains the reasoning for this in a bit more detail here.

We are hoping that we can improve this in the future, but we can’t promise any specific time frames at the moment. You have our apologies for the frustration here, and we appreciate the feedback!

@dylan, I’ve read that explanation and don’t buy it as the only bug causing this - as pointed out by another user in that thread they’ve had artist images overwritten where there was no ambiguity in their database.

Today it was Phoebe Bridgers - unlike the many duplicated artists in my library (another entry in a long list of longstanding bugs that’s been ignored for years) Roon has never had a duplicate instance of her in my library. Yet here we are, artist photo changed. It seems to me you guys are losing touch with your code as it becomes increasingly complex and you build bug on top of bug. I hope I’m wrong, but the longstanding bug list leads one to believe they’re in the “no idea, just ignore it” category.