Roon plug-in for Elgato Stream Deck released

Hi, just a quick post to let everyone know that my initial release of a plug-in for the Elgato Stream Deck (Roon Extension) went live this morning. More info and docs are here:

Feel free to post here or contact me directly with any feedback and bug reports.


//Tomi B.


Awesome! nice work on this, I just picked up a streamdeck yesterday, so perfect timing too.

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Hi, @Tomi_Blinnikka - this is really nice - I’m using it right now. It seemed like Roon on the Core didn’t properly enable the extension first time round so I uninstalled and tried again and it all works perfectly.

Thanks very much for your efforts on this. :smiley:

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Hi @Tomi_Blinnikka - I did notice one thing when playing a long Roon playlist with a 30 minute timeout set on the Stream Deck (and the album artwork set to display on the play button - which is a really nice option).

  1. The Stream Deck display turned off after 30 minutes, but the Roon playlist was still playing.
  2. I woke the Stream Deck display but the artwork was now a track behind
  3. When the next song started to play the artwork changed, but was still a track behind
  4. Clicking pause and then restarting play fixed it.

Not a big problem, and I’ve lengthened the timeout on my Stream Deck display, but I wondered if you’d seen this?

Hi Karen,

Nope, haven’t seen this. I’ll try to reproduce and see if I can get that fixed.


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Hi @Tomi_Blinnikka, I’ve just noticed that however I start playback (either by clicking “Play Now” at the top of the window or by selecting “Play From Here” by right clicking on a track) the same thing happens. The album cover appears and reflects the starting song. However, at the end of the first song it doesn’t change. All subsequent song changes do see a change in the album cover, but now show the previous track’s album cover.

It looks like the timeout of the Stream Deck display was not the issue.

Thanks for the additional info. I haven’t yet been able to reproduce the issue. In the meantime, can you try adding another button with the same settings to see if both do the same thing?

Also, some questions:

  • Mac or PC?
  • Stream Deck app version?
  • Roon version?
  • Do you have multiple outputs with similar names, a grouped zone, or something similar?
  • Does it happen with different Roon outputs (if you have more than one)?


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Hi Tomi, I’m running Roon 1.7 (build 537) on a Mac. The Stream Deck app version is 4.7.0(12981). I wasn’t playing to a grouped zone, just a single one. And it does happen with my other output. It seems like I’m losing the connection to my Roon Core periodically so perhaps that may explain some of what I’m seeing. I tried removing all the buttons and replacing them and couldn’t see the cover art at all, so had to uninstall and reinstall. But it still does the same thing, ending up one song behind.

Don’t spend any additional time on this please Tomi - it seems like it is something peculiar to my setup and I don’t want to impose on your kindness in developing this anymore than I already have.

One thing I would try is to expand the Roon Core settings under any button and trying Disconnect/Connect when you run into this next. Uninstall/reinstall shouldn’t really make all that much of a difference - that mainly removes the “global settings”, in this case the Roon address and port, so I’m guessing the disconnect/reconnect might end up with the same results.

The way the plug-in works is that it pretty much always updates the display when it gets an update over the network from Roon. This pretty much happens every second since Roon sends a message for each time playback / seek time changes. The plug-in does try to optimize rendering / fetching the the cover art by not updating the image if it hasn’t changed (so that it doesn’t have to reload/re-render - however it will need to render that if you have the play time showing since that has to be drawn over the image whenever playback progress and the time stamp changes).

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Hi Tomi, strangely when I switch on the option to show the elapsed time as well as album cover the artwork updates correctly. If I have artwork on its own then the first cover change doesn’t work.

So I’ll just leave the elapsed time set on. :smiley:

Thanks again for your patience and help.