Roon portable battery power speaker

I need a portable battery power speaker for patio and rv use. Looking at Sonus roam and JBL Link any advise out there? Sonus move?

I use the JBL Link very happily with Roon out by the pool and hot tub.
Roon sees it as a Chromecast unit and it’s just rock solid.

Was actually discussing this vs the Roam over the weekend and I think the Link has a bit more bass punch while the Roam might have more detail.

Battery life on the Link is excellent!

Probably can’t go far wrong with either IMHO

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I haven’t heard this speaker, but there’s the Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i. You can purchase an optional rechargeable battery pack. It’s also Roon Ready.

I own the Pulse Mini and it’s great, though no battery pack.

I own the Flex 2i and have a battery pack. It’s great for portability however when using the battery only I notice it ‘chuffing’ on low frequencies at volume. This doesn’t happen when it’s plugged in to power leading me to suspect that the battery can’t supply enough power for low bass frequencies.

JBL Link 20 for me works perfectly via Chromecast in Roon and surprisingly good for its price.

Thanks probably go JBL. I have a history with JBL going back to my first ever speakers JBL L212.