Roon protocol to connect to devices?

I’m having quite a few problems connecting to my Roon core.

I’ve tried installing on QNAP, on Ubuntu and as ROCK. Connecting over WiFi often doesn’t work, mostly the core doesn’t show up and when it does, it often says initializing, connecting, connection failed. I have a feeling that after trying to connect to Roon and failing my WiFi connection drops out completely.

When it does work, it has trouble finding my Meridian end-points, even though I can connect to them using a web browser. My end-points are all hard-wired and connected to the same switch as the core and my WiFi access points.

When I am able to connect to the core, only the local device, iPhone or iPad would show up. And sometimes my Oppo 203 (I guess only when it happens to be on?).

What is the protocol that Roon uses to make itself available and how does it try to find the Meridian end-points?

I fear that there might be some network misconfiguration that makes things highly unstable.

The problem has gotten worse in the last week or two. But was present before that but happened less often.

Any ideas?

I think Roon uses multicast and that managed switches can cause issues.

Thanks. I have a Cisco NX-OS switch.

Does that mean I have to follow the instructions below?

Luckily work gave me a day off tomorrow to try this out.

I seem to remember that it is recommended to “disabling IGMP snooping”. Try reading through this thread: