Roon pulling albums from folder outside library folder

Hi: I have a designated music folder which contains my uncompressed music and that is what I set up as the library folder. I have other folders nearby (not sub-folders of my main library folder) with compressed music, duplicate album copies, etc. and Roon is populating my library with that music when I thought I was limiting it to the “main” music folder. How do I limit Roon to that designated music folder?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


HI William,

A screen shot of your Storage settings would help. Generally, Roon will automatically have the base OS music folder enabled; maybe this is your issue.

Here are my storage settings:

Errr no picture

Also, can you ‘View File Info’ from one of the compressed tracks to verify it is coming from an unwatched folder path.

Here is my storage folder setup. I call it “Sonos Music” just because it was first set up with Sonos.

Here is the location info for one of the albums which Roon pulled from outside “Sonos Music.” “Sonos Music” is a subfolder of the “Music” folder.

In checking this and one of the other files I looked at, it seems like Roon is searching anything under my “Music” folder even though the “Sonos Music” folder I selected is a subdirectory of the “Music” folder, so I supposed I could just move all of the other folders for newly ripped music or mp3’s for my phone etc. outside of the Music folder. Is that what I need to do? Will that limit it?

Yup. Roon will automatically include the core music folder and all subdirectories under it. It will additionally include other folders that you specify. It seems what you specified the Sonos folder, but Roon automatically picked up the default music folder. Sound right?
What you are suggesting will work. Move one set of music outside of the music folder, to a USB drive, for instance. Then you can disable the folder you don’t want to see (the three dots to the right of it will have that option). You could also leave that Music folder enabled and select a view (via Focus Storage Locations) to just the music on the new outside folder and bookmark it.
The key is to have two distinct paths that can be selected or deselected as you wish.

Edit: You could also just disable the Music Folder and leave the second instance containing the Sonos Music folder alone. That should just show what’s in Sonos Music.
The downside of not moving Sonos Music out is that once you enable the Music Folder, you will get duplicates of everything in Sonos Music. One copy will come from Sonos Music alone, and the other copy will come from where Sonos Music is a subdirectory of Music folder.

Roon on ROCK doesn’t do this. I have two paths on my core storage one called lossy one called flac. If I disable either one Roon does not see that folder.

Hmm. That’s interesting. Yours also have a network icon. My music on ROCK internal storage just has the regular folder icon.

It’s usb storage as opposed to internal maybe thats the reason for the icon? It all via local path in the UI no network involved.

ROCK treats usb storage differently than internal drives. Use storage allows you to set up separate locations. Internal Rock drives do not.

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Hello @William_Leete, glad to see you got some help here! Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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