Roon Quit Unexpectedly” on Mac

This is happening to me too. Happens at least once per day. “Roon Quit Unexpectedly” with an error log sent to Apple. I am able to reopen Roon each time. I restarted my computer without effect, but I will try again…

Core: iMac Pro
OS: Catalina (latest update)
Roon Version: 1.7 Build 505
Running library on external Samsung SSD
Running Qobuz
Feeding multiple Oppo Universal players (ethernet and Wi-Fi), SonicOrbiter.

This started right after the 1.7 release but has become more frequent in recent days.


Hi @Michael_Bush,

Sorry to hear about these issues. Do you by any chance have the error log and are able to save it as a text file?

Can I please request that following a crash you send me this error log, in addition to your Roon logs (which you can get by using these instructions)?

The best way to get them over to me would be via a shared Dropbox / Google Drive link. Thanks!

Will do - thanks!

Hi @Michael_Bush,

I will be continuing our conversation in the primary thread here so that others experiencing similar behavior might also see this thread. I spoke to the technical team regarding your case and it would be best that we proceed as follows:

  1. Please update your Roon app to the latest build. You can do this by navigating to Roon Settings -> About and you should be presented with an option to update Roon there. Alternatively, you could also create a Backup of your database and download the app again from our downloads page on

  2. Is there any pattern to when this issue occurs? Are you on a specific screen right before the crash?

  3. Do you have any background importing going on when the crash occurs? As in, do you see an “Activity Spinner” present in the top right-hand corner of Roon?

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