Roon quits spontaneously on the three Macs I have, after no previous issues on same Macs

Roon Core Machine

Max mini late 2014
Monterey macOS, 2.6GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
The above is the Mac I have used as a Roon core for some time.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ORBI 52 router, which has worked fine with Roon for a couple of years.
Two Macs on Ethernet, one on Wi-Fi, all experience spontanteous Roon shutdown.

Connected Audio Devices

Eunhasu SMS-200 streamer, Squeezebox Touch via Ethernet; Sonos One SL via WiFi. Problem occurs when Squeezebox support is both on and off.

Number of Tracks in Library

50,663, about two thirds classical or jazz (longer tracks).

Description of Issue

Roon quits spontaneously after a period of time, about an hour.

I tried authorizing and running the core on a 2018 Mac mini, and a 2020 MacBook Air with M1, both running Monterey. Roon spontaneously quit on them too…

I tried pasting a copy of the report generated after shutdown, but it exceeded the character limit for your posts. Please let me know where I can submit it. There’s this thing called email…

Are you doing a fresh install? Ie on a clean machine that’s had no roon before… Or migrations with time machine?

I am reinstalling Roon on a machine that had it before.

Hi @o_o,

I understand it’s been over a week since you reported this issue. Are you still experiencing the crash on your Mac devices?

There were several regressions affecting Mac clients with Build 952 which we’ve resolved with the most recent build. If you’ve updated to Build 970 and are continuing to experience this problem, please respond here and the tech support team will rally to assist you with next steps.

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