Roon quitting everynight

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini i5 late 2012
OS 10.13.6

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Description of Issue

Roon quits every night. Mini power pref set to sleep, display sleep “never”.
Seems to have started after update 1.8 1021.

When you say “quits” what exactly happens?

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The remote app reports “no core found”. On the mini running Roon, everything is normal but Roon is no longer open. I’ve been using this setup successfuly for years; this issue only started recently.

You mean roon hasn’t loaded at all or as in your original post
“Roon quits every night”?

same here 2012 i7 imac. Since last update, Roon will quit on the core imac by itself.

Roon runs all the time on my core. Intermittently, it quits, as noted.

Hi @Vincent_Gizzi @Dale_Clark ,

Can you please let us know the exact local time + date you notice Roon quitting (or in the morning when you noticed it’s not running)? We can then try to enable diagnostics for your accounts to see if logs show anything. Thanks!

The problem hasn’t been occurring the last few days. Maybe it was one of those inexplicable things computers do occasionally. Thanks for the offer of help, though.

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I solved my issue. I went from a Network-drive to a direct USB drive on my core. The network drive was dragging my entire network down. I believe it was doing some type of re-indexing automatically. I transferred everything to a USB drive and got rid of the Network drive…everything is now great. My entire network is so much faster now.


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