Roon Radio 1.6 Feedback Thread

(David Orgel) #166

It sounds like the album is unidentified. If that’s the case, then you’re right — it won’t work as a Radio seed. You might want to see if you can manually identify the album (clicking on the “Unidentified” link on the album page starts this process). If you can identify the album (pretty sure that’s the case), then it should work as a seed.

(David Orgel) #167

Maybe try seeding with the artist or an album from the artist,rather than a single track? It’s early days and I’m not certain about this (plus I’d expect to see Radio performance improve over time), but my experience suggests that seeding Radio with a single track doesn’t work as well as seeding with an album, artist, or subgenre.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, seeding with a broad, top-level genre also seems not to work so well.

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(Tony) #169

Thanks @orgel. No difference for me I’m afraid with my experiments. I just get very mixed results. With some seeds that are perhaps quite mainstream I get very good results indeed, but mostly I get much worse results.

My understanding of the roon AI is that it is working off the pool of roon listening habits. But this is not spotify with 100m users. It’s maybe 100k users. There is going to be a very long tail of users with very thin data. Those effects would be compounded depending on the distribution model driving the AI. I hope it’s not some power law variation on google page rank.

(Jason P) #170

Is there a way to stop mqa selections in radio.Dont have a mqa dac and when a mqa song comes up i just get silence ?

(Ged) #171

What setting do you have your DAC on in roon? It should just play so there is something wrong in your set up.


I’ve just been playing with this tonight. Mind boggling to me just how well this works (I thought the previous version pretty much sucked)… I am a Tidal subscriber and on Qobuz open beta.

My seed was an obscure British jazz CD from my library - Neil Ardley “A Symphony of Amaranths”.

Roon Radio followed it with another Ardley track from a different album, then Mike Taylor, then Mike Westbrook, Ian Carr/Nucleus, Soft Machine…everything flowed perfectly, no crazy head-scratching jumps.

It was pretty much spot on. Unreal job Roonies you have really upped the game, this feature went from something that was (barely) usable to something that is one of the best things about Roon.

Thank you!

(Jason P) #173

In device setup MQA Capabilities set to No MQA Support,and have Enable MQA Core Decoder set to yes.Also using with HQPlayer.

(Ged) #174

I’d raise a thread in support as roon should just play an MQA track regardless.

(Jason P) #175

Okay thanks

(Anders Vinberg) #176

I am told this is not necessary:

(Sean) #177

Yes my pal @Geoff_Coupe is definitely not Radio’ing with any of the below genres :grin:

I’ve found the same, for these popular (popular outside the Roon world, out in the real world) genres.

Our numbers in Roon world may be really low though, so we have a steep hill to climb.

I started Radio with a dance track and after dozens of thumbs down I saw zero improvement/change in direction (it stays with R&B), gave up and pulled up Spotify for radio. Night and day difference, no blind testing required :grin: But Spotify does have 100M users and significantly more that listen to these genres than the Roon world (I guess…)

No such issues with my Fleetwood Mac and Jackson Browne Radio’ing… @Sloop_John_B :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Ged) #178

Stop teasing us elderly with your urban musical offerings. #Whippersnapper.

(Sean) #179

Ha. I’m very careful and deliberate to keep it balanced Ged…

(Ged) #180

It was the Fleetwood Mac stuff I meant, far too modern for us.
A nice bit of ragtime perhaps…

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(Sean) #182

I may need to stop being critical of Roon Radio because if the AI behind it becomes self aware one day, it may reveal the truth to everyone, that I mostly just listen to Celine Dion on repeat.

Roon Radio is great!


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(Sean) #184

My old man (dad) isn’t on these forums but I just had a phone call with him and he started Roon Radio on Fourplay earlier, and he loves it.

I told him that doesn’t help me at all. He said, stop listening to the new stuff and just stick to the old stuff… :roll_eyes:

(Ged) #185

Take heed.