Roon Radio based on last track vs. queue?

It appears Roon Radio plays songs based on the last track manually dropped into the queue and that feels very broken to me. Shouldn’t Roon Radio curate a selection of tracks representative of the queue? That’s how every other “radio” service I’ve used works.

Additionally, it appears once Radio starts it will only match to whatever one song it used to start. If I manually add a song to my queue Radio doesn’t update by modifying it’s selections based on the new song in the queue. I have to stop and then start Radio to get it to curate something different?

To illustrate how comically broken this is:
Add two songs to queue; first one from 80’s Top 40 and the second from a current EDM artist. Roon radio will only play EDM after your EDM track stops. Now, manually add next in queue a country song. Your country song will play and then Roon Radio will go back to playing only EDM. That’s not what I’d expect to happen. I feel like this is a bug.

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Radio doesn’t work off queues at all. “Valid radio seeds today include artists, albums, tracks, and genres. These give us a clear “point in space” to organize picks around.”

I would like to at least have the option to have the radio seed change to the last track that is manually added to the queue.

Start the evening with a Zeppelin track as Radio Seed. Few hours later manually add some Jazz tracks. Room comes to the end of manually added tracks. Very doubtful I want the next track to be Whole Lotta Love or similar.

then just play a Zeppelin track, then let the queue run out (just the 1 track) – it’ll “Zeppelin radio” for a few hours, at which point you will add jazz tracks and when they run out, radio will kick in with the jazz stuff as the seed.

I must be missing something. How is the radio seed changing from Zeppelin to Jazz? I would like it to change automatically to the last manually add track.

Pick a track to start the evening, Roon Radio does it thing. Guests queue a few songs. Queue comes to the end. Radio kicks in based on last song that was in the queue.

Right now I can’t see how to make this happen without manually ending Radio.

When you say ‘the jazz stuff’ is that all the jazz stuff, or just the last track? Before Radio kicks in, it says ‘Roon Radio will automatically pick music based on your queue’. Once it’s started, it says ‘Playing music similar to [name of last track]’. Which one of these is true?

If you want to significantly change the genre, you have to end Roon Radio and play one or two songs as new seeds. Your instincts were right here

I’d certainly like the option of having Radio based on the last few items of a queue, rather than just the last item. I typically start a listening session by queueing a mixture of artists/genres/moods, and it would be great if Roon could continue with the same sort of mixture.

(Incidentally, I’ve been thinking on these lines for a while, but I seem to have missed this thread when it first appeared.)