Roon radio fails

Roon Core Machine

Audiostore prestige Linux

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Cisco 2960 switch, Gigaclear router hard wired.

Connected Audio Devices

Hard wired Naim NDS, Unitiqutes

Number of Tracks in Library

38,727 tracks

Description of Issue

Recently Roon radio won’t move onto the next track; I have to force it to play next track. When playing album there is no problem with gapless playing until the album finishes then Roon radio does not kick in. a software reboot does not fix either.

This sometimes happens for me as well. I was second guessing myself that there was some visible feature/indicator about this in the UI, but perhaps I was just right. I’ll keep an eye on it.

(Off-topic: Roon radio + own library is an awesome experience)


So, I figured it out for me.

It happens when I’m on “rare music” and have Roon Radio limited to my own library. A very nice feature, but it turns out that it can run into cases where there is no “matching” music. There is a very small, very short “toaster” message that pops up some 20s before the end of the queue or current radio track, saying "Roon Radio: Nothing Similar to Play!

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