Roon Radio: from Bach to Taylor Swift?

So I’m playing Bach- The Art of The Fugue from my internal drive and set Roon to go to Roon Radio when it finishes and …it gives me Taylor Swift as the first track!
I wasn’t aware of a connection between these two artists? :slight_smile:

Roon Radio is all over the place for me…do I need to set some preferences somewhere or ‘educate’ the AI? I’m relatively new to Roon



The all-new Roon Radio

Roon has always been great at reconnecting you with the music you’ve collected over the years, but now we’ve completely reimagined how Roon creates your personalized radio experience. Designed from the ground up using our new machine learning technology, Roon Radio will automatically play a mix of your favorites, along with relevant selections from beyond your library.

Based on more than a year of research and development and several months of alpha testing, Roon Radio makes recommendations based not only your own music preferences but also those of other Roon subscribers with similar tastes in music.

As you listen and interact with Roon Radio over time, it learns more about what you like and helps you discover new music by curating great recommendations.

Roon Radio considers metadata-based relationships, listening history, overall popularity, and significance of content, to build a model that predicts the affinity between radio picks and your Roon profile. Internally, Roon Radio will also consider dozens of expert-opinion dimensions–the classical-ness of content, whether it is holiday music, and so on. It uses a variety of techniques to avoid irrelevant picks, excessive repetition of the same content, inappropriate/irrelevant content playback, etc.

Roon Radio can be started on any content that our cloud services know about, including tracks, albums and artists that are in your library or on Qobuz or TIDAL.

Roon Radio requires an internet connection and an active streaming service. If these conditions are not met, Roon will fall back to “Offline Radio”, which will operate within your library as in previous releases. Roon will also fall back to offline mode if the content you’ve chosen is that is unknown to our cloud services.

After skipping a radio pick or pressing “thumbs down”, Roon Radio will ask users for additional feedback, which will help us tune the algorithm over time, as we learn which picks tend to be rejected, and which tracks aren’t appropriate because they’re skits, audience applause, intros, etc.

Roon Radio will also allow you to skip explicit content. Note that this filtering will only be as good as the data Roon has access to, meaning we can filter explicit streaming content when streaming services denote it as such. For local content, we’ll be dependent on the explicit tags in your files, and Roon’s automatic identification.

From Roon 1.6 Is Now Live!

Perhaps she’s his great, great, great, great, great, GREAT granddaughter? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ha ha you never know.
Black Jack…yes but that’s not working. I’ve had the trial and I’m a month in so it’s had 2 months of AI learning and there is absolutely nothing in my library or my tastes that in any way indicates Taylor Swift …so it’s really not working or not listening correctly somehow. This is not the only example of really bizarre choice I have to say.

I think there must be a problem with the tagged metadata in Roon’s database.

Although classical music is not one of my main listening genres, I happen to have a high resolution download of Angela Hewitt’s - “Bach - The Art of the Fugue” in my NAS and so I decided to try to replicate your experience using Roon Radio.

I succeeded. In my case, the final track from this album was followed by a track from Bachman Turner Overdrive - pretty much as unrelated in any way as your Taylor Swift experience. I did notice that Roon flashed up a message of “Nothing similar found - limiting Roon Radio to Library” as it approached the end of the final track.

I tried to replicate this issue with other classical music in my collection (including a number of other Bach recitals), but each of these generated an appropriate choice by Roon Radio.

Perhaps something for @support to check out?

I have found that Roon Radio generally works superbly well for my tastes in music, and I now have very many Tidal albums in my collection that I would not have encountered without Roon Radio…

Thanks for doing that.
Lets see what support says.

Hi @anp,

Can you share a screenshot of this album that you were playing in Roon?

Perhaps this is the connection?

Now that is random! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sadly not …it was two days ago now.


Well maybe that’s the answer…who knows!

‘Artificial Intelligence’? Thank goodness they’re not ‘in charge’! Otherwise Bach would be relegated to just another bit of a tree! :wink:

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HI Dylan,

I replicated anp’s issue with the same album (I believe). Here it is:

On the first occasion I tried it, Roon Radio followed up with a Bachman Turner Overdrive track.

On this occasion it has returned a Dave Alvin track - see this screenshot:

In my case it was the Evgeni Koroliov version so not player dependent.

Best. Seque. Ever.

All kidding aside, Roon Radio really struggles with music that’s not “pop” or “rock”.

Please rename this discussion to “Roon Radio Howlers”

Hi @hmack,

Looking at the album you’ve shared above, it appears that the album is not identified and it does not have any genres associated with the album, so the amount of information Radio would have is very minimal.

@anp, is this the same for the album in your library that you experienced this with?

Mmm : title, primary artist and album artist, release date are all present but the Meta Data Preference tab is not filled in at all. Could it be that? Do I have to select ‘Prefer Roon’?

Hi @anp,

Can you share a screenshot of this album in your library?

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