Roon radio glitchy

Roon Nucleus ethernet into Router.

End points - Cambridge audio CXNV2; KEF LSX, Sonos ones

Streaming from TIDAL mainly.

Errors with Roon Radio in the last 48h. Screenshot below. Happens inconsistently with different albums but not all the time. Cant pinpoint to any one album as it can work sometimes and not at others.

#support @beka


We’re so sorry you ran into this trouble :pleading_face:

When Roon Radio is limited to library, this points to a connection error to the streaming service. Roon cannot access their database, so it will only play local music that it has access to.

Could you please try playing music directly from TIDAL? Please, make sure to listen to at least one full track.

Could you please just:

  • log out of TIDAL in Roon
  • restart your Nucleus
  • log back into TIDAL in Roon

Does it help at all?