Roon radio is always limited to library

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon version 1.7 (build 528)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

fritzbox 7590 connected via ethernet with a fritz repeater 1750E who works as an access point. The repeater is connected via wlan to my macbook pro (core) and the Auralic Aries ( streaming bridge)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

my music library has 641 albums and is located on a usb stick connected to my macbook pro

Description Of Issue

Roon radio is always limited to my library, although I didn’t choose that option. The problem always occurs and was the same since the beginning. I have Quobuz and I already tried to sign out/in, nothing changes. I also rebooted the core and tried another core installed on my iMac, nothing changed. When I start radio, “nothing similar is found” or I get an “unexpected error: Roon radio is limited to library”. See photos.

Hope you can help me!

Hello @Frank_Wensky and thank you for the information. This is a known issue we’re currently looking into, and I know how you can help! I’d like to know how many “plays” you have, which you can find under history like my screenshots below. The number will appear at the top of the screen.


Hallo Nuwriy, thanks for you reply!
Actually, I have 0 plays because I just (a few minutes ago I finished everything) installed a new core on a NUC using ROCK. I thought, my macbook might be the problem, but it wasn’t…Everything is still the same, so I`m glad to hear that you can help me!

Strange: In the last 1 hour I heard 14 songs, but my history still tells me, that I haven’t heard anything yet!

Now, a few ours later, my history is showing 19 plays.

Same issue here

It is affecting my wifes account which is in trial. She only has 62 listens. Is that the issue?

Hello @Frank_Wensky and @Ernie, thanks for this information! I have passed this data over to our team for further investigation and we hope to have something soon!

Is this still being investigated? Anything I can try on my end before the trial runs out? Radio for music discovery is critical to me.

Hello Ernie, I hope so! For me, the radio function is the most important thing and my trial is running out in one week…

I just tried again and now everything works! Thank you for that. But now another problem occurred that hasn’t been there before: I can’t like anything when playing radio and being in queue. I have to put the album into my library first, open it there and then I can like a song. I don’t know if I have to open a new topic for that. But thanks again for fixing the radio!

Still having an issue here. Any attempt to use radio first gives me a noting similar to play message, and then a limited to library message. Restarted many times. Using latest build.

Ernie, and do you have “recommendations for you” on Overview?

No, actually I don’t.

You can’t :heart: Anything until it is in your library.

Same problem here. No recommendations for you in my overview and roon radio only limited to own library. I opened also a topic but again same problem as these users. Roon radio is the main thing i wanted to use Roon. My trial ends in about a month so i hope its been fixed soon to get a good impression of the program.

Edit: looked in the history and it says 1217 plays.

Hi, New user here. and facing the same issues. No recommendations, and radio only works only for my library. Tried multiple times, sometimes I can get it to work for only around 3 seconds of a track on a random Artist (not in my library). But generally cant get it to work.

My total plays also is still only 150ish.
Please get it sorted out quick, got the trial generally to experience the recommendations/roon radio.

Daft question, is your Tidal (Qobuz) account actually connected, there seems to be a problem auto logging into Tidal

Test by playing a track direct in The Tidal section of Roon , ie not the Tidal app

Hi, Tidal works fine totally if I were to just go in Roon > Tidal, select and play any song.

The problem is roon radio seems to not be able to play any Tidal tracks thats not yet in my library.

Same issue. I am a new user, have 91 plays in my history, but roon radio stays limited to library even if I toggle on/off the switch. Help please !

Hi all, same issue here qith Qobuz, new user, 30 plays.

I have 2 years worth of play history, same problem. Roon Radio acts like it’s looking for the next ‘match’ and never receives a response from Valence cloud.

Edit: 2 hours later and Roon Radio is working normally…