Roon radio only works occasionally

Core Machine

Core runs on a QNAP NAS TS-251+. CPU = Celeron J1900 Quad Core 2.0Ghz. Upgraded to 8gb of RAM and the Roon Database on an external, attached SSD drive

Network Details

Home Network is cable ethernet into a Linksys EA9500 Router. The NAS is ethernet connected to the router

Audio Devices

I use four Main devices
PC - ethernet into same router
NAD T778 - ethernet into same router
NAD M10 - Wifi into same router
Android Cellphone (LG G8) - Wifi into same router

Library Size

Library Size is currently 10,098 tracks

Description of Issue

Since I first started running Roon, which I believe is over a year ago now, the Roon Radio feature has never functioned well. The majority of the time, it won’t function properly and search through my Qobuz connection. On every endpoint, I almost always get the same “Nothing Similar Found : Limiting radio to Roon library” or “Unexpected Error : Limiting Roon Radio to Library”. Once in a blue moon it will work correctly (I always trigger it by pulling up an artist and use the drop down carrot next to the “play now” button to “start radio”. I don’t think it has to do with making obscure choices. For example this evening, I surprisingly got it to work for Liliac (an internet sensation, teen family rock band), but I then I immediately get “Nothing Similar Found” error messages for the Jackson Five or Tom Petty, and I get the “Unexpected Error” for Stevie Wonder. I then circled back to the same Liliac album, all within about 90 seconds, and got the “nothing similar found error”. That fact that it DOES work every once in a while is what’s so frustrating, and makes me doubt that it’s a blocked port, or similar network issue. Any help that you could offer would be much appreciated.

I’ve jsut generated a 34MB zip of the log files and would be happy to upload them to you if you give me a destination (I don’t use dropbox, google drive, etc)


Hey Mark, see below – we’re currently experiencing a Roon Radio outage. Let me know if things improve for you after this is resolved, thanks!

Sure thing. I only attempt Roon Radio very occasionally. I suppose I may just have bad luck and seem to catch it during some down times. May explain the intermittent nature of my problem. Once you’re back up and running, I’ll make a point to try it repeatedly over the next several days and see how it does.


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Hi @Mark_McAllister

Are things running better for you now that the outage is resolved? Let us know!

It seems to be working well. It looks like I had had poor timing when I would very occasionally try the radio function and have it dial to function on more than one occasion.

I’d be happy to have this thread deleted so it doesn’t clog up the forum

Thanks for the quick feedback.