Roon Radio repeats songs multiple times [Roon Investigating]

Finally it happened to me this repeat the same song for 20 times

So annoying

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Screen cap

This has been discussed repeatedly in the past so i thought i put a spreadsheet together to show how a roon radio session eventually starts playing the same albums over and over again.

The seed for this radio session was the artist “Pink Floyd”. I just let it play for several hours.I have Qobuz as a streaming service and have not limited radio to play my local library only.

The first 41 tracks were all unique albums but from then on it was downhill: only 63 unique albums were played from the remaining 235 tracks. Also around track 41 it basically gives trying to play any new artists which haven’t already been played.

What is the cause of this?

Spreadsheet here: Access via Synology

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Here you go @nathan

Hard to believe [moderated], this has been open now for more than 2 years. Here’s the latest from Roon radio

Yes Virginia. It’s repeating the same track, over and over. I’ve had this happen three times in the last couple of days.


Same issue

Hi @nathan

Is this still on your radar?

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Yup. No timeline yet but we’ve got our eyes on it.

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I’m having the same issues. Not only does Roon Radio repeat the same album far too frequently, it typically repeats the same track within that same album. Maddening.

Shocked that this issue is over two years old without any resolution.

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Hello. Same issue here. Multiple repeats of the same song in ROON Radio within 10-12 songs. I have previously reported. If YouTube, Pandora, or LiveOne had better quality streaming rates I would be using their radio functionality. I’ve also previously submitted ROON feature suggestions and filled out surveys. I have faith ROON will one day soon pleasantly surprise us in the ROON Radio area. Thanks. Barry

Hello to all,

I’ve commented on my challenges with ths here before, but today brings a new one. In the Daily Mix: Peter Gabriel Mix today, there’s a repeat in the base playlist from Roon. This is as it was published, before I played a single track.

The Kate Bush song is the one which is repeated twice. Again - this isn’t based on what I’ve been playing - I have no idea what the mechanism is for creating this playlist. I suspect it’s not done by hand, though.

If you look those are two different tracks. While you might think they are the same, they are different data objects.

One track is “Running up that Hill (A Deal with God)” on the album “Hounds of Love” with a runtime of 5:03, and, the other is “Running up that Hill (A Deal with God) (2018 remaster)” on the album “Hounds of Love (2018 remaster)” with a runtime of 5:00. Note, it is not just a title change, the track timings are different.

I can’t speak to the decisions on how the mixes are created, but, I have no problem with them including different versions of the same song. Just remove the version you don’t want from the queue. Personally, I would move them in the Queue to be next to each other to compare.

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Hello Paul,

The second Kate Bush song isn’t strictly a duplicate it’s the same title / paroles, but a remaster many years after the first one.


Edit: grilled …

Here’s the list of what the Roon radio just played, same composition of different recordings of “Bolero, M81” 3 times within the past 2 hours; each is 15-minute.

40 minutes after I made the above post, I am being given another dose of Belero, which is still being played.

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