Roon radio shows Errors/leapfrogs ahead while trying to play Tidal titles

Hi guys,

I encounted the above-mentioned Problem again after 9 months after having installed the latest release 1.8.

Anybody else having this prob too?

Cheers, Marcus

It only stops here… have to go back to main menu to play other. Problem started after update.

Exactly. It only happens when roon radio kicks in and chooses Tidal titles. If other/new titles are manually selected, playback is fine.

Roon radio always skips one or more whole titles/playbacks. The playback per se ist fine/not interrupting.

It seams like somebody opened up towards Tidal again… Now Roon radio works again :slight_smile:

Hi @Marcus_Werner

Are you still having trouble here? If so can you provide us with some details on your setup?


Hi Dylan, yesterday it worked fine. Will observe it the next day’s and post you if it happens again.

Cheers, Marcus

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