Roon radio strange behavior

Roon Core Machine

Sony VAIO laptop Core i5 8GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Samsung S8

Number of Tracks in Library

More than 4500 albums

Description of Issue

I only listen to classical music. So far, at the end of an album, Roon radio suggests some music of the same kind. Today, it systematically goes with Chinese or Asian music (not traditional, but looks like contemporary singers). What happens?

Hello @Didier_Zwierski,

Thanks so much for reporting this :nerd_face: . We’re sorry about the trouble.

Could you please reboot your Core (the Sony VAIO) and see if that helps?

  • Quit Roon
  • Turn off your laptop (unplug if plugged in, for just a few minutes)
  • Turn the laptop back on
  • Launch Roon
  • try Roon Radio

Thanks a lot :pray:

Dear Rebeka,

Thank you for your fast answer.

In fact, before doing anything, I looked at my history in Roon and found that it was empty. I do not know how Roon Radio works, but if its algorithm is based on the complete history, it could explain the issue. It kept only my last listening (the Four Seasons, by Vivaldi), and the following music by Roon Radio was Asian but with nature sounds… reference to the Four Seasons? :slight_smile:

After I reset my laptop, I went directly through the update of the Roon server SW, and during the upgrade, it mentioned that my database was under reconstruction. And I saw right after that I had an entire history reconstructed again, and Roon radio worked adequately again.

It means the problem is solved. But I am not sure I have the right explanation. Nevertheless, it could make sense to check your history when having a Roon Radio with strange proposals.

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