Roon radio stuck playing the same songs over and over

playing music similar to Rock Bottom by Pokey Lafarge

then Silver by Silver Sisters
Call Your Mama by Tami Nelson
Only Children by Jason Isbell
blue Pill Blues by Early James
then several more then back to to Silver… repeat

curious never plays a Pokey Lafarge song

BTW why can’t I copy/paste in Roon?

Hey @bruce_bosler1,

Thanks for sharing this and sorry about the… annoyance :sweat:

Could you please share whether Limit Roon Radio to library is turned on? If it is, could you please turn it off?

Also, have you tried a complete reboot of your Roon Core (quit Roon, turn off the Core, unplug for a few minutes, plug back in, turn it on and launch Roon)?

Part of the answer is the way Roon was built: I want to copy the texts - #4 by andybob

There are a few feature requests around this. If you wanted to join in and voice your interest, that’d be really great :nerd_face:

where is the option to control Limit Roon Library

It’s located in your queue, bottom right corner on desktop. On Android app it’s in the Queue as well but click the vertical ellpisis in the top-right to reveal the setting.

I’m also having the exact same issue, regardless of what song I pick it plays the exact same songs on the upcoming queue. Whether I upvote or downvote it doesn’t matter it plays the same songs the next time around. Algorithm is definitely messed up/not behaving as expected, unless this is expected, in which case the algorithm should be adjusted.

edit: turning on limit to roon library and turning it off again does change the song that plays, however, the artist order is the same. just picks a different song from the same album.

still broken, rebooted etc. and it got stuck playing the same songs in a loop yesterday. Sometimes, If you click on a currently playing song to see the info on it it shows the previous song info. It also sometimes stops with nothing else to play.

Bumping for visibility. Does Roon support read this forum? Or is it better to email them? This is a reproducible error, and absolutely kills this feature. I’d love to work with a dev/support person to solve. @admins