Roon Radio thumbs up missing through the iPhone App

With my TIDAL subscription I am using Roon Radio more and more - a fantastic piece of functionality with one frustration when used through the iPhone app.

I cannot give a thumbs up to the song that is now playing like I can in the PC remote which I believe helps Roon better tailor its radio choices. Oddly it will let me give a thumbs up or down to the next track in the queue but if I’ve never heard it before how do I know if I like it!

Got to be a relatively simple fix to that or am I completely missing something?


Hi Simon,

I’m seeing the same thing. In Settings > Setup, I have Enable Roon Ready Notifications set to Yes, however, I’m not seeing the pop up thumbs up or down.

On the iPhone, you can go to the Roon Ready tab, next to Queue and select the thumbs up or down from there. But there’s no pop up notification.

Checked on iPhone, iPad and MacOS.

I’ll tag @support to check this out.

Cheers, Greg

Ok, I’ve done a little experimenting.

On the iPad, I was able to make the thumbs up or down box show up, but only after I actually used it one time. I went to the Queue and selected thumbs up for the next track. Now it shows up consistently.

On the iPhone, I believe clicking the thumbs up (or down probably) made it show up like the iPad.

However, it still doesn’t show up on the iPhone when you are in the Now Playing, Queue, Roon Radio and History tabs. If you are anywhere else, it seems to show up.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks for following up Greg. Maybe we will see it in a future update :slight_smile:

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